Residential Green Cleaners

Residential green cleaners are becoming more and more popular every day as news is released about just how harmful regular household cleaning products can be.  Hiring a residential cleaner who uses green products helps ensure the health and safety of your family, and what’s more important than that?

Pros and cons of residential green cleaners

While it may seem like you pay a little more than a with a company who uses regular cleaners, it will save you on things like medical bills, and irreversible damage to your local ecosystem.  For example, green cleaners use fewer phosphates in them.  Phosphates have been proven to encourage harmful algae blooms in local rivers and lakes, which has a dramatic impact on that environment.  While the lack of this component keeps the cleaner’s shelf life a bit shorter than typical cleaners, you shouldn’t ever have to throw a bottle away because it went bad.  And the benefits of not using phosphates far outweigh a shortened shelf life.

Additionally, green products don’t have the dyes and perfumes used in normal cleaning solutions.  They come to you just how they are, free of any additives to make them more appealing to you.  According to the National Environmental Trust, the typical American homeowner is exposed to almost 40,000 chemicals that can have harmful effects, including allergies and neurological consequences, as a result of using regular cleaning products.

What you can expect from a residential green cleaner

So, what can you expect from a house cleaner who uses green products?  Everything you can expect from a regular house cleaner, only safer.  They will still clean anything you need, and come at whatever time is most convenient for you.   They can do your refrigerator or stove, they can do windows occasionally, they can come annually to help you with Spring cleaning, or they can come weekly to keep your house sparkle like it belongs in a magazine.

Just because they use a green cleaner, doesn’t mean your home won’t be as clean.  Take 1st Class Cleaning for example.  They use Method products, which are totally biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.  They work by absorbing dirt, bacteria and grime rather than breaking it up with harsh chemicals.  This leaves you with a clean, sanitized home without being exposed to any toxins.

How do you find a residential green cleaner?

If you don’t have any friends who use a house cleaning service, check the internet.  Often people will post comments and notes about their experiences with local businesses.  Just be sure you read comments that are as current as possible modern home furniture in san diego.  That will give you the most accurate picture possible of how their business is being run today.

Also, find out what their customer service policy is like.  In the event that you’re not happy with their service, what happens?  1st Class Cleaning has an unconditional satisfaction guarantee to keep their customers happy.  If you’re not satisfied with the job they did, they will re-clean your home with no questions asked.  Find a company like 1st Class Cleaning, who makes the customers their number one priority.

To learn more about residential green cleaners, or to schedule an appointment with 1st Class Cleaning, visit today!

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