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Asotira Cleaning ServiceIn today’s society, cleanliness is important. It can lead to healthier lives. It can also make everyone feel better because of their surroundings. The problem is that today’s lifestyles move at a busy pace. Many people do not have time to take care of their own cleaning needs, anymore. A cleaning emergency will require even more time. 1st Class Cleaning is able to help with the cleaning needs of today’s busy lifestyles. 1st Class Cleaning can help with cleaning of residential services, commercial services, construction clean-up, and other cleaning needs.

Residential services can be established as a recurring service. However, there is no obligation to set up permanent services. The customer is always free to call for cleaning help as needed. There are some perks that are available to those who set up routine cleaning services at Asotira Queens, NY Cleaning Service. The residential cleaners can come in and examine a residence to decide what needs to be cleaned. We are capable of working without supervision to provide a quality end result. However, the customer can also choose to set their own priorities to make sure they get what they expected. Residential services are also available for more rare cleaning events. We can help with packing, unpacking, laundry, organization and much more.

Commercial services can be provided before, during or after business hours. The same high quality of service will be provided, no matter what time of day. 1st Class Cleaning will clean the surfaces of desks, computers, phones and all glass fixtures. The cleaning services including cleaning of restrooms, vacuuming, mopping and trash removal. Our competent cleaners use cleaning products that are friendly to the environment. Long term contracts are not required. This means you can cancel, if you are not fully satisfied. 1st Class Cleaning is licensed, bonded, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Construction can cause a lot of excess mess to clean. 1st Class Cleaning is ready and able to help with the additional cleaning involved after construction. Our cleaning crew can sweep in and remove all lingering traces of the construction that occurred. The process of construction may have been stressful enough. Let us take away the stress once that is finished.

There are many things that can arise to create heavier cleaning needs. 1st Class Cleaning is ready to help. Whether you are moving and need help with packing or you just had a huge party, we are there. We even do windows! Let us take care of all your deep cleaning needs, including wall washing and grout steam cleaning. Let us handle the stress, while you think of other things.

Whatever your cleaning needs, 1st Class Cleaning can help. Don’t let the stress of cleaning overwhelm your life. Contact us at www.1stClassCleaningNYC.com to schedule a cleaning appointment or get a quote. Our competent and trustworthy crew will take care of your cleaning needs in Asotira Queens, NY 11103 area. This will allow you to forget about the cleaning and move on to other things, knowing that your residence or business is clean and presentable.


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