8 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Home With Vinegar

cleaning with vinegarIf you love a clean home but hate the products you clean with, you are not alone. However, the answer may already be in your cupboard. The following are 8 reasons why you should be using vinegar to clean your home:

1. You can stock up on vinegar and never really have to worry that it will go bad. Vinegar has a very long shelf life. While it may actually change a little in appearance over time (the color may become darker or cloudy), it will still be good to use. Other cleaning products may actually go bad over time and emit strong and harmful odors.

2. Vinegar is also the one cleaning product you count on to get the job done. Window cleaners can leave streaks; vinegar will not. Bleach can leave a residue on certain items; vinegar will not. This means less work as there is no need to rinse after using it.

3. While the strong odor of vinegar may not be pleasant to some, there is no need to worry about breathing the fumes. Vinegar is does not have any toxins in it, which makes it very safe to use. You will never have to worry about your children being poisoned if they get into it. Even better, the odor dissipates very quickly.

4. Vinegar is also very gentle on your hands. If you look on the labels of other cleaning products, the first thing you will notice is the statement that you should always use gloves when using the product. With vinegar, you will never have to worry about it coming in contact with you skin.

5. Because there are not any harmful chemicals in vinegar, you do not have to worry about what it is going to do the environment. It will not hurt your sewer system and you can empty it right into your sink to drain.

6. The one thing that homeowners love about cleaning with vinegar is that it will clean anything. Instead of having twelve different products to clean your home, you only need one. It makes it easier and more efficient to clean.

7. This easy-to-use product also has antimicrobial properties. Microorganisms, which could be bacterial, fungal, or viral, can be found in most homes. While a lot of them are harmless, it is important to keep them at a minimum. Cleaning with vinegar will help to reduce the amount of microorganisms that are present in your home.

8. The greatest advantage of using vinegar to clean your home is how much money can be saved. The typical cost of a cleaning product is about three dollars. If you have ten different products you normally use, you could spend as much as thirty dollars a month. However, if you choose to use vinegar, that cost can be cut down to about four to five dollars a month.

Listed above are 8 reasons that you should be using vinegar to clean your home. Unfortunately, the lack of time can keep you from doing a thorough job. If this happens, all you have to do is contact 1stClassCleaningNYC.com and your home will surpass your expectations of cleanliness.

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