Residential Cleaning New York

Your home should be your escape from stress, so when it is not in order, it can become a source of stress itself. A common complaint among busy people is that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent or you work from home, it can be hard to find the time to clean. Whether you need your home cleaned from top to bottom or you simply need someone to help keep your home in order, First Class Cleaning provides unmatched quality residential cleaning in New York by providing the right tools for the job and customizing each client’s experience.

If you have reservations about having a housekeeper come to your home to clean, you can rest assured that First Class Cleaning staffs only the most reliable and trustworthy housekeepers; they are bonded and insured, and they go through extensive training and background checks before being hired. You can stay at home during cleaning if you prefer; in fact, it is recommended during the first appointment so that you can meet your housekeeper. If you are satisfied with his or her work, you can request that particular housekeeper and trust that your home is safe if you need to be out during your next appointment. Another major concern regarding professional cleaning services is cost. If this factor has prevented you from seeking out housekeeping help, you can obtain a custom estimate for your home with a quick phone call.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all package, First Class Cleaning is staffed with housekeepers who will work around your schedule and prioritize the tasks you feel are the most important. You can fill out a residential estimate form to specify what type of cleaning you need, what your preferred days and hours are, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in your home. Costs are determined by the square footage of your home as well as the estimated workload.

When your housekeeper arrives, you can provide the cleaning products that you are most comfortable with using, or your housekeeper can bring the necessary solvents and tools for the job. Cleaning tools such as mops and brooms are never reused between homes, so your housekeeper can bring these along for you to keep if you would like. In the first appointment you will see significant results; the tasks that you might have kept on the backburner will be done, including curtain/blind dusting, vacuuming under and behind furniture, and sanitizing surfaces.

There are no long-term obligations – you are welcome to make an appointment for one-time services like party clean-up or moving in/out of your home. For frequent customers, however, service agreements are available at a discount. The more you use these housekeeping services, the better the value. Services are also very flexible, so you can schedule weekend and holiday appointments if necessary.

If you have a hard time relaxing at home due to a mess that you dread cleaning, now is the time to change it by contacting First Class Cleaning. You will be guaranteed high-quality and highly customized cleaning services. No matter how little or how much help you need around your home, you will surely be satisfied with professional, convenient, and reliable residential cleaning services.

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