Property Cleaning Services NYC

Looking for property cleaning services in New York City shouldn’t be an ordeal if the customer knows where to look and how to ask the right questions.

Many people find cleaning services by asking for a recommendation from a friend, neighbor or colleague. Most agencies and even freelancers have websites. Many advertise on TV, radio or other media.

Who Do They Work For?
A professional cleaning company should hire, train and oversee their cleaners. If the cleaner falls ill or has an emergency it should provide a substitute for the customer. Arrangements in case of emergencies can be worked out with a cleaning company.

The potential customer should ask for an interview with the cleaner. The first thing that should be asked is whether the cleaner works for the customer or for him or herself. This can be the difference between owing back taxes and not owing back taxes.

Some Ground Rules
After this is established, the customer should ask what sorts of things the cleaner cleans. Some cleaners might only clean office buildings, some only clean apartments — and in New York City most people live in apartments — some only clean carpets, some only clean after fires or natural catastrophes. Some cleaners only clean up a crime scene, and some cleaners only clean on a one time basis.

The cleaner should tell the customer what experience they’ve had and if they’ve had any formal training. They should be able to provide a reference or two.

The cleaner should also have an appointment to see the property that needs to be cleaned. When the customer finally decides to hire the cleaner it might be a good idea to pay by the hour, for as the cleaner becomes accustomed to the work space they’ll be able to complete their job faster, which will leave them time for smaller tasks that weren’t included in the original agreement. However, some cleaning services have a fixed per visit fee. A fixed price comes with a job description, and the customer should expect to pay extra for chores that the job description doesn’t include.

Insurance Issues
Many cleaning services have insurance that covers employee theft, but the company usually doesn’t pay a claim till the thief has been convicted, and conviction of a person who was working alone in a home or office and knew to stay out of view of any security camera is tough. Cleaning services that have disaster insurance that would cover a fire or the destruction of a very valuable object are rare. A homeowner might want to check with their insurance company to see just what’s covered. Moreover, there should be an understanding between the customer and the cleaner or their company as to who pays for something that breaks.

These are some steps that should lead to a satisfying relationship with the people who provide cleaning services in New York City.

For a cleaning company that meets these requirements and more contact today!

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