Professional Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in New York

eco-friendlyGrowing research is showing that green cleaning products and methods are the best choice. They are safer for people and animals that are in the house, and they are better for the environment. In addition to choosing green cleaning products in your own home, it’s also wise to invest in eco-friendly cleaning companies like 1st Class Cleaning of New York City. When you embrace green cleaning, your indoor air quality will improve, and you will feel great knowing you are doing your part to protect the planet.

Protect the Little Ones
Babies crawl across a freshly mopped kitchen floor and then put their hands in their mouth. You think the floor is clean, but what are they really ingesting? Are they picking up trace chemicals that can make them sick? Cats and dogs alike can pick up trace chemicals from cleaning because they spend so much time on the floor. When you invest in eco-friendly cleaning products, you won’t have to worry that your child or pet is ingesting something harmful.

Better Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is important for homes and businesses alike. When people can breathe easier, they feel better and are more productive. Employees will be happier and work when the environment smells nice. The fumes can also make them sick and cause them to go home early or call out. At home, the fumes can force you out of the house. Protect your family and employees by improving the air quality with green cleaning products.

Protect People from the Long-Term Exposure
The long-term exposure to harmful chemicals is particularly devastating. People who are regularly exposed to the toxins and chemicals in some of these harsh cleaners can develop respiratory problems, neurological conditions and even cancer. Minimize the risk by protecting your family and employees through the use of green cleaners. You won’t have to worry about residues being on work surfaces, your children will be safer and everyone will feel healthier.

Increase Productivity at Work
When heavy chemicals are used for cleaning, the fumes can linger for hours. The fumes and residues can give employees headaches, and it can leave them feeling nauseous and unable to work. Research shows that employees are happier and more productive when they are working in an environment cleaned with safe, green cleaners. They won’t suffer from all of the headaches, sinus issues, and respiratory problems that are present when harsh cleaners are used.

Avoid Dangerous Ingredients
Many traditional cleaners and degreasers contain 2-butoxyethanol. The residue from this dangerous chemical can be absorbed through the skin and it is harmful to the human body. If it’s used to clean a stain off a work surface, the employees who later use that surface could be harmed.

Aerosol cleaners and those cleaners that have fragrances to disguise their scent often have harmful chemicals in them. These drift on the air and can be inhaled by people who aren’t even in the immediate area. Settling onto surrounding areas, they can be absorbed through the skin. Either way, they are harmful to your health and should be avoided. Protect your team of employees and your family by choosing cleaning products that don’t have dangerous chemicals.

Reduce Liability
If you are a business owner, then you must always keep liability issues in mind. The prolonged use of harsh chemicals and dangerous cleaners can lead to serious illnesses for your employees. If an employee develops a serious health illness as a result, you could ultimately be liable for their medical bills. Protect yourself and reduce your liability by choosing safe products that won’t make anyone sick.

Lower Cost
Green cleaning products have come a long way, and companies like Method have very effective cleaning products. They are affordable, and a little of the cleaner will go a long way. The best part is that green cleaners don’t have to be rinsed thoroughly to avoid leaving a dangerous residue behind. This means that you will save money on water and overall cleaning costs, and the labor costs are also reduced.

Protect the Fixtures
At home and at the office, green cleaners are better for the fixtures. They are safe for regular use, and they don’t damage materials the way some other cleaners can. When you keep the facility clean with safe products, you can trust that your carpet, counters and other fixtures will continue looking great longer.

Good for the Planet
Green products are better for the earth. They are safe to use and won’t harm the waterways or air. They are safe for the ozone and allow you to minimize the use of toxic materials. Many consumers are worried about the planet and our impact on it. Going green with your cleaning service allows you to ensure those customers that you are also doing your part.

Green Cleaning for Every Room
We invest in Method cleaning products that are safe for your home, gentle enough for use around children and good for the environment. We have specialized cleaners for kitchens, bathrooms, windows, wood surfaces and more. All of the Method products we use smell good, so you can trust that your home or office will smell clean as well as looking clean.

Green cleaners are better for the environment, your family and even your profit levels at work. Invest in the services of a green cleaning agency that understands the importance of going green. Top products like Method are still highly effective at cleaning, but they are also safe enough to use around children and pets. Indoor air quality is improved, and you can honestly tell your customer base that you are taking steps to go green and protect the environment.

When you are in the market for a cleaning agency, look for one that offers green services. When you trust 1st Class Cleaning of New York City, you will benefit from skilled cleaning professionals who embrace green cleaners. You will reduce your liability levels, improve worker productivity and ensure that the working environment is safe for everyone. At home, you will protect your family and ensure that you are making the best choice for the planet.

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