Post Construction Cleaning NYC

We all love to have new and improved renovations done to our home and work spaces. There is something about fresh construction that revitalizing our whole operation. We feel new again. It gives us the sense of starting fresh and repositioning. We need that every now and then as things tend to get mundane and unmotivating otherwise. Suffice it to say that construction is good, great even. What’s not so great, however, is the thorough cleaning that must be done after construction is complete. The meticulous cleaning after construction seems to be the last (and often times the most vital) step before enjoying the freshness of your newly constructed space.

What is it about post construction that makes cleaning seem so hard and endless? It’s like no matter how much of your home or office you cover to protect it from dust and other construction hazards the pesky little dust particles seem to seep through. The dust is everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be a crevice that it hasn’t reached. How are you expected to really enjoy the newly constructed space if you can’t even seem to find a clean place to rest? Here’s how: by leaving the cleaning to the professionals. You didn’t do the construction yourself so why should you be responsible for cleaning up the mess? Newsflash: you shouldn’t be!

1st Class Cleaning is a premium cleaning company that specializes in post construction clean-up leaving you with the luxury to relax and enjoy your new developments. 1st Class Cleaning specializes in getting to those hard to reach places that dust may’ve accumulated but gone unnoticed. These unnoticed dust particles (micro-dust) may be harmful, when ingested, to the health of those exposed to the construction area. 1st Class Cleaning is a company that prides on getting the job done right and doing it right.

With use of dry steaming equipment to get to every nook and cranny of your home and office space, you can rest comfortably with a certainty in knowing that your health and newly constructed area are in great standing. All products used by 1st Class Cleaning for cleaning your space are green products which mean that they are organic and eco-friendly. Rest assured in knowing that your family and/or co-workers are in a safe and hazard-free environment after a top to bottom cleaning by 1st Class Cleaning services.

In your construction area, 1st Class Cleaning will remove all labels and polish all fixtures, wash all tables, floors, and doors, clean mirrors and windows with special cleaning solution, vacuum all carpeted areas removing dust mites that may be caught in the carpet as a result of construction, clean heating/cooling ducts, remove any overlooked paint and plaster, rinse and wipe down all surfaces, clean all cabinets and cupboards and more. There is no job too large or small. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your post construction cleaning service, 1st Class Cleaning will return to do a full cleaning for free. You satisfaction is of the greatest importance.

Plan your post construction cleaning now by contacting today!

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