New York City Housekeeping

New York City Housekeeping services are a dime a dozen.  It’s finding a good one that can be difficult.  How do you know how to tell the good from the bad when they all say they’re “the best in the business?”

Generally the best way to find a good housekeeper is by word of mouth.  If you have a friend or neighbor who is using someone they love, you know what to expect from that person, what their prices are and how trustworthy they are without having to experiment yourself.  However, not everyone has a friend with a housekeeper.  Maybe you’re new in town, and don’t really know anyone well enough to ask them something so personal.  Regardless, your next best bet is the internet.  The internet is a valuable resource for finding out everything you need to know about any kind of service, including New York City Housekeeping.  You can search their services and learn exactly what they provide, in addition to finding comments about how their business is performing and seeing how happy people are with their services.  If you use this method, it’s important to search for the most recent postings to get an accurate picture of the business’s current policies and employees.  Reading a complaint from four years ago isn’t going to help you understand how the business is operating today.  The people responsible for the complaint may not even work there anymore, so find a review that’s as current as possible when you base your decision on that information.

Once you find someone who seems to be fairly well received, look into their practices and policies.

  • Are they insured?  What happens if they’re hurt in your home?  Who’s responsible?  Going with a smaller company, or an individual can be a bit risky here.  You don’t ever want to be holding the bill if something bad happens in your home.
  • What are their policies if something is broken or stolen in your home?  What happens then?
  • How are their employees selected?  Do they conduct background checks before they’re allowed into your home?  How can you be assured they’re reliable people?  Especially if they’re coming to clean when you aren’t home.  What type of assurance can they provide you with that your home will be safe?
  • What type of cleaners are they using?  Do you have pets, small children or anyone with respiratory problems in your home?  If so, you should select a company that uses only environmentally friendly products to safeguard your family against harm from toxins.

A company like 1st Class Cleaning can meet all of these requirements and more.  They will cater their services to meet your needs, and come at whatever time is best for you.  They’re bonded and insured for the safety of all parties involved, and put their potential employees through a rigorous screening process that involves an in depth background check so you can rest easy about who is in your home.  They also use top of the line “green” products that are completely biodegradable.  You will never have to worry about your family’s health and well being when you hire a company like 1st Class Cleaning.

To hire 1st Class Cleaning for your New York City Housekeeping services, go to their website at today!

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