Confessions of a Professional Maid: Creating a Fast and Thorough Cleaning Routine

TETRRF-00013265-001Clients of professional cleaners are often impressed with how efficiently and quickly they can clean a home or business. Sometimes it’s fun to let customers think that it’s magic, but it’s actually the result of a really good routine and dedication. If you’ve always wondered how the professionals can finish a room in record time, here’s what you should know about these professionals and their routines.

No More Distractions

You’re distracted by a hundred things during the day. Friends stop by to visit, the phone rings and there’s always more laundry to do. The truth is that our professionals don’t have these distractions. We’re there to do a job, and we focus on the job until it’s completed. When you’re trying to clean the home, ignore the phone, tell your friends you’re busy and keep your focus on the cleaning chores at hand.

Assemble the Supplies

How much time do you spend looking for certain cleaning products or supplies? Having these items organized and ready to go will make it easier to clean your house in record time. Our pros use caddies to carry items from room to room and we make sure that everything is ready to go before we start working. When you eliminate time spent searching for things, you’ll look for items less and clean the home more.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

When you dust higher shelves, some of the dust will naturally fall onto the floor. Working from top to bottom ensures that you don’t have to go back and clean something you had already polished. The purpose of working in a circle, or from left to right, is to ensure you don’t miss areas and simplify the task. Rather than looking around and wondering what to clean next, you can just continue moving in the pattern and know that the entire room will be cleaned.

Fewer Breaks for Faster Finish

Finally, you don’t pay the professionals to come into your home, sit down on the couch and search the Internet for half an hour. You pay them to come in and provide you with high quality work with minimal breaks. Professional cleaners plan on spending several consecutive hours cleaning and polishing any given property. Just like employees of other professions, we limit our breaks in order to provide you with more efficient service. If you had a two- to four-hour block of time to devote to nothing but cleaning, then you could also get an impressive amount of work done.

We’d like to let you think it’s magic, but the truth is that our high-quality cleaning services are the result of hard work and solid organization. The crews at 1st Class Cleaning take a professional approach in order to provide you with the highest level of service. We make sure that we’re prepared for the job before we arrive, and we pay close attention to detail as we work. Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how you can benefit from an efficient, professional cleaning crew.

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