Are Green Cleaning Products Better For The Environment?

Are Green Cleaning Products Better For The EnvironmentMany people ask this question: “are green cleaning products better for the environment?” The simple answer is yes, but there is more to this issue than just being better for the environment. Green cleaners are also better for the humans and animals that are exposed to them. If you are worried about your health and the health of the planet, then green cleaners are the best.

Human Usage

Manufacturers of conventional cleaning chemicals use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are wonderful for cleaning but harmful to the environment. These VOC’s are great at cutting through grease and dirt. Most manufacturers also make their products safe if you use a single product with good ventilation.

The problem is that few people use just one product. Most people use a cleaner for grime, another for tile grout, one for toilets, a glass cleaner and yet another cleaner for the floor. This exposes you to many more VOCs than you should be exposed to, and it can cause respiratory problems even if the room is well ventilated.

Green cleaners do not use VOCs, eliminating your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Animal Exposure

Most cleaning chemicals are not regulated when it comes to disposal. This means that most chemicals are just washed down the drain, or they are improperly disposed of in the trash. This means that animals will soon be exposed to the chemicals from the water, landfills or in other areas.

Animals suffer just like humans do from too much exposure. This can cause respiratory irritation, cancer, hormonal problems and a wide range of other afflictions.

Green products do not introduce harmful chemicals to animals, and this will help prevent the many deaths and problems that occur from improperly disposing of conventional cleaning chemicals.

Environmental Damage

Conventional cleaning chemicals may damage the environment more than humans and animals combined. Cleaning chemicals can easily be released into the water, air and ground through burning, washing them down the drain or just throwing them into a landfill.

The VOCs are known to deplete oxygen levels in water, they make air difficult or impossible to breathe and the land becomes infertile when it is exposed to these chemicals.

Not only that, but most scientists and researchers don’t know how much damage is really done by conventional cleaning chemicals. The industry is largely not regulated, and the proper amount of research has not been done to project the real damage to the environment.

Since green cleaners do not include these harmful chemicals, they will not cause the same environmental damage. While they should be properly disposed of, they will not cause the same devastating effects that other cleaners cause.


Are green cleaning products better for the environment? The answer is a resounding yes. They do not include the same VOCs or harmful chemicals, and they do not harm animals or humans who are exposed to them. If you are interested in keeping the environment intact, then you should choose a cleaning company that offers to use green cleaning products. If you are in the Manhattan area visit for environmentally friendly home or office cleaning.

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