Professional Cleaning for NYC Construction Companies

file7151238774778If you’ve recently renovated your home or office, it’s likely that your construction crew didn’t everything with them when they were done. The dust they’ve left behind, called microdust, settles on everything – floors, window sills, doorframes, and every cranny, nook, and crevice it can find. But lucky for you, you don’t have to battle the dust yourself, we’re here to do it for you!

Every Project Creates Dust

Whether you’ve refinished your flooring, put an addition on the house, or expanded your kitchen, construction projects create an incredible amount of dust. Some projects, like refinishing hardwood flooring or installing sheetrock, produce a lot more dust than others, but ultimately you’ll find yourself living with more dust than you’re used to.

And while most reputable contractors will make an effort to clean up after themselves, they won’t get everything. When you hire a professional cleaning team, you’re hiring a team that knows exactly how to deal with that specific kind of dust and can rid of every last spec for you. (Even Horton won’t be able to hear a Who!)

How Your HVAC System Can Make the Situation Worse

If you have an HVAC system in your home, it can make fighting the dust an almost impossible task. As the system circulates air through your home, it’s also picking up dust and particulates from the air and moving them into the ducts. As the air flows from the supply vent to the return vent, a fine layer of dust will be settle on everything in between – carpets, couches, electronics…everything. And while some of it will be captured by filters, there is still a great deal that will be sent out to recirculate in your home through the supply vents. There will be no way to escape the dust.

Miserable for People With Allergies

And while construction dust poses a huge cleaning problem, it can also aggravate allergies if anyone in your home suffers from them. This kind of dust can sit in your heating and cooling dust for weeks only to be picked up by a draft of air and blown back into your home. Just when you thought everything was clean, too! It will also settle along baseboards, window cracks, and other tight areas that can be difficult to clean with standard home equipment but can get kicked up as people walk around or use everyday items in your home.

Professionals Have the Equipment and the Know How

Chances are you don’t have microdust-collecting equipment lying around your home, and it’s likely that your contractor hasn’t invested in it either, which means that you won’t be able to truly get it clean and completely free of dust. Unless, of course, you work with a professional cleaning company that has made this investment. 1st Class Cleaning has invested in all the right equipment to ensure that your home really is clean and dust-free when we leave. We use HEPA vacuums with high quality filters and take our time to ensure that we remove dust from every surface, crevice, nook, and cranny of your home.

We Can Even Take Care of Other Chores

When contractors install new fixtures, they leave all the stickers in place and expect that you’ll remove them yourself. This way you’ll be reminded that your windows have special coatings and your faucets are high quality brand names so you remember why you’re still paying. However, this can be an absolutely tedious chore.

Do you have time to remove all the stickers and the gummy residue they’re sure to leave behind? Do you really feel like scrubbing the fixture and polishing it to completely remove the adhesive? If you choose 1st Class Cleaning, you won’t have to!

We take the time handle little but important details like this as well as making sure that your window tracks are vacuumed and your lighting fixtures are wiped down inside and out.

If you’re ready to have someone do a bang up cleaning job on your home that gets rid of all that impossible construction dust, contact us today! We can discuss pricing, appointments, and some of the additional services we offer during construction clean up.

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