Post Construction Cleaning Staten Island, NY

If you’ve just finished refurbishing your existing Staten Island property or have recently built a new one, you’ll know that the Post Construction Cleaning Staten Islandwork doesn’t end when the last screw is tightened or the paint finished drying. In fact, you probably have to deal with a lot of waste and leftover materials, dust, dirt and debris. Construction can be an incredibly messy process.

You need the help that a good post construction cleaning service can provide to prepare your building for residents or customers. No one wants to work or live in a dirty building, but even buildings without visible dirt can pose significant health problems, especially for people with asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems. Not every cleaning company can provide the detailed cleaning that a building needs after the construction process is finished.

The specialists at 1st Class cleaning understand the specific kinds of waste produced by the construction process and the extra work needed to get new construction into good condition. We can produce professional results in only a short time, handling the often narrow deadlines associated with construction cleanup and letting you concentrate on other aspects of getting your property ready for its debut. With all the other worries involved after a major project, you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleaning quality.

Construction Waste Considerations
Building an addition or refurbishing an interior can produce an incredible amount of waste and dirt, even if you take precautions like covering furniture with plastic sheeting and isolating the area where most of the work is being done. All drilling and sawing operations produce dust and debris, which can embed itself into carpets, upholstery and tiny crevices, long after the construction itself is over.

Called micro-dust, this material also reduces air quality, producing a health hazard even if you can’t see it, smell it or tell that it’s present. It settles on everything, creeping under plastic sheeting and around sealed areas. Some contractors don’t do the best job of protecting other surfaces, either, resulting in dust contamination everywhere. When this happens, you need expert help from experienced professionals.

Failure to remove particulate matter left over from construction can result in increased need for cleaning later, as well as potential health problems in workers or residents. Experienced post construction cleaning companies in Staten Island can help you avoid these problems, providing more than just the usual commercial cleaning services. 1st Class cleaning does more than just vacuum and mop. We clean every surface thoroughly, and can even work effectively while some of the construction is still going on.

What to Expect
Every post construction cleaning company should provide a variety of services, including washing windows, floors and walls to remove any dust or other particles. At 1st Class Cleaning, we do it all. You can also expect us to remove labels and marks left by other contractors and to clean all equipment and furniture, such as cabinets and cupboards, outlets and switches, appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and water heaters. Baseboards, trim and other woodwork, plus chrome fixtures in bathrooms and other areas may also need to be cleaned, as the decorative carvings on these pieces often trap dirt. We will polish them thoroughly, so your chrome shines, your porcelain glistens and your woodwork gleams.

We also come with a good reputation and excellent customer service. While any cleaning provider has a busy schedule, you can expect some flexibility in pricing and scheduling – we can accommodate all reasonable requests. We also respect your deadlines and employ friendly, helpful staff who know their jobs well. All equipment is provided, and all staff members are properly bonded and insured to make certain your sensitive data and valuable equipment are safe from outsiders. We guarantee it!

Environmental Concerns
Not all cleaning services are the same. Many use conventional cleaning agents that can pose serious health risks over long periods of time. Even the residue of some cleaners can be toxic. This threatens the health of your building’s residents, employees or customers, as well as the health of the cleaning company’s workers. Green products may cost a little more, but they’ll produce surfaces that are just as clean, without the risk of long-term health problems.

At 1st Class Cleaning, we offer more than 10 years including of experience in the house cleaning industry, plus a strong focus on detail and personalized customer service. We also understand that many cleaning products can be as detrimental to your health as dirt and dust, so we specialize in green cleaning, using non-toxic, lightly scented products that won’t cause irritation or health problems.

At 1st Class Cleaning, we provide affordable cleaning services based on the type of space, number of private offices and restrooms and the intensity of the cleaning you require. We’ll give you a free estimate with no strings attached. Just call us for an appointment or get in touch via our Web form.

Long Term Contracts
A good cleaning provider doesn’t have to leave once the post construction work is completed. If you like what you see after 1st Class Cleaning deals with the construction waste, think about asking for a longer contract. You’ll get the same reliable service and rates, without having to go through the difficult process of finding a new cleaning services provider. We offer standard commercial and residential cleaning at reasonable rates, including window washing, floor waxing and buffing and event cleanup if requested.

Whether you’ve recently built a new structure, put on an addition or simply remodeled your Staten Island property, you’re going to need some help to deal with the dirt and debris left over from construction. Don’t choose an inexperienced cleaning service that doesn’t know how to handle this special type of cleaning. Contact 1st Class Cleaning for your best bet for a clean, presentable building. No matter what the job may be, we can get it done!

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