Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleaning ServicesFor every homeowner or business who builds new or remodels, there is need to clean up after the construction is complete. The contractors take their tools and supplies with them, but do not leave the finished premises “move in ready”. There are cleaning services specifically designed for this task. These cleaning services will take a newly built or newly renovated home, apartment or business and clean up all the dust and minor debris left behind. Highly trained cleaners, who are extremely familiar with the needs and requirements of this very special and detailed service, come in and take care of the post construction clean up.

This type of cleaning service requires the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the highest quality of work. Some services will offer a green seal certification or environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, if it is requested. Most services will offer a free estimate.

Each room is cleaned top to bottom. Bathrooms receive scrubbing of showers, tubs, sinks, toilets and floors. Glass, fixtures, cabinets and soap dishes are thoroughly washed, and all cobwebs or insects are removed. Kitchen floors are swept and mopped. Sinks, countertops, cupboards are all left spotless after removing all dust and debris. The interior of all appliances and cabinets are cleaned for immediate use. Living rooms are swept and vacuumed from floor to ceiling including all vents, shelves, ledges, fans, light fixtures and window sills. The same goes for bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and offices.

Additional cleaning and maid services provided by post construction cleaning services include: carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window, wall, blind and screen washing, paint removal, garage cleaning, mold removal and power washing, if necessary. They will even clean heating and air conditioning ducts.

Wherever construction is going on, there will be a big mess left behind that someone has to clean up. If you are energetic and have an eye for detail and are willing to work long hours, climb ladders and do the grunt work, this might be a job for you. It is hard work that needs to be done in a short period of time, but the pay check can make it all worth it. Keeping a positive attitude, a cheerful disposition and being dependable are important qualities for this job.

If you are looking to have this kind of work done, there are a few things you need to check for from your cleaning crew. They need to get licensed, bonded and insured. Also, make sure that they use cleaning equipment and chemicals that will not damage features in your home or office, like marble or granite. Make a detailed list of all tasks you expect to be completed so that both client and cleaners know what to expect from the outset.

Post construction cleanup is an incredible time saver. It can take weeks, or even months for the unmotivated, or overwhelmed to clean up after a construction, which diminishes the value of the work that was done. Make sure that as soon as the construction crew leaves, the cleanup begins.

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