Post Construction Cleaning Manhattan

Any type of new construction or extensive remodeling in Manhattan involves the removal of a large amount of waste materials. Since the cost of this operation must be included in the overall budget, using the services of a post-construction cleaning company that offers fair price estimates and is committed to getting the job done in a timely fashion is critical. The environmental concerns of construction waste must be addressed as well — removing unwanted material completely eliminates possible citations by the local authorities.

What Needs To Be Done?
If you are performing new construction in downtown Manhattan, such as an apartment building or office complex, there is going to be a large amount of leftover materials on the property. Some of it is recyclable, while much of the waste will be in the form of chemical containers, unusable sheetrock and wood scraps, metal fragments and electrical conduit. The law requires that this waste must be removed immediately, since it is environmentally damaging as well as an eyesore. Hiring a dependable crew to dispose of these materials means the site will be thoroughly cleaned and everyone will be kept safe from dangerous hazards. Inside the structure itself there will be post-construction dust and fine particles, paint drips, unusable carpeting scraps, dirty sinks and bathtubs, a multitude of cardboard boxes and leftover empty containers. How best to remove these items without causing too much disruption around any work that is still in process? A cleaning company familiar with this type of working condition is the best bet for making the building shiny and bright, ready for occupation by the tenant.

Choose A Contract Carefully
When looking to hire a company for post-construction cleanup, remember that some will contract by the hour while others set a flat price for the entire job. Much of the work may need to be performed outside, and inclement weather can slow down the cleaning operation. And even the interior cleaning can be interrupted if there is additional construction or installation work that needs to be completed. Therefore getting an estimate for an entire job is a good idea, because it is nearly impossible to figure exactly how many hours are needed to achieve satisfactory results.

Look For Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Companies
1st Class Cleaning provides our own green cleaning products. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products and biodegradable detergents means a healthier interior and exterior of the property when the work is finished. Many property inspectors who examine the completion of a construction project are also looking for the use of non-toxic chemicals by a cleaning operation.

Insist On A Guarantee

1st Class Cleaning offer our services as a post-construction cleaning business. We offer a guarantee that includes a return trip if the client is not satisfied. We are fully licensed and have a complete list of references by former clients as to the completeness of our work.

When new construction is completed, the property should sparkle and invite the entry of the new tenants. 1st Class Cleaning performs this type of service as our main function to result in a brand-spanking new home or office, completely clean and environmentally safe to occupy. Contact 1st Class Cleaning at for services today!

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