Post Construction Cleaning in Elmhurst

Post Construction Cleaning Elmhurst
Post Construction Cleaning ElmhurstResidential or commercial construction in the Elmhurst community involves a lot of cleaning chores. At every phase of construction there is an accumulation of dust particles, grout, cement drips, paper trash and scuff marks. All of this must be thoroughly eliminated before the next phase of construction begins. At 1st Class Cleaning we train a specialized team of cleaning experts to handle all aspects of construction cleanup, both during and after the structure is completed.

Working Around A Contractor’s Schedule
Our company understands how hectic things are at the job site. As soon as the floor is finished it’s time to call in the carpet installers. When the rooms are painted it’s time to bring in the appliances and fixtures. After the baseboard, windowsills and millwork is installed it’s time to contact the finish painting crew. Yet between these projects the surfaces must be kept extremely clean. That’s why we employ hard working, dependable post-construction teams to efficiently clean the premises.

After the interior of the home of office building is finished there is another round of cleaning required. The sinks, bathroom fixtures, lights, walls and carpet must be spotless and ready for viewing. Any microscopic dust particles must be removed so the air inside is fresh. The walls must be completely free of smudges and grit.

We Bring Our Own Equipment
No need to worry about spending extra money on cleaning supplies. At 1st Class Cleaning we outfit our post-construction specialists with the latest in organic cleaning solutions, environmentally friendly disinfectants and technologically advanced vacuum and steam cleaning equipment. Our teams arrive at the scene ready to tackle all the dirt, grime and micro-sized dust particles an Elmhurst job site can throw at them.

In no time the building will be free of any paint spills, dust accumulation on the light fixtures and appliances, dirty spots on the carpet and all waste paper. Both the inside and outside of the windows will be washed and the chrome fixtures in the kitchen and bath will be polished. Our company uses the finest natural cleansers as well as soft-scrub hand wipes to insure there is no scratching of surfaces.

Separating Garbage From Recyclable Materials
Our post-construction cleaning teams are trained to handle any amount of garbage that accumulates and dispose of it properly. This includes gathering of recyclable plastic, wood, paper and cardboard and putting in the appropriate pickup bins. Our field personnel will also take their own used materials away with them when the job is finished. Except for the ultra-clean building, it will be as if they were never there.

Set Up A Schedule Or Demand On-Call Service
At 1st Class Cleaning we understand how difficult it can be to arrange a cleaning service when no one really knows when the time slot will actually open up. That’s why we have a number of construction cleanup teams ready for quick response should the need arise. Even these last-minute arrangements can easily be worked into the contract signed with us, saving contractors money in the long run.

It is not acceptable for dirt, hazardous compounds and dangerous chemicals to remain in a building during or after construction. This type of industrial cleaning calls for experienced, trained experts. We have just the crew your construction company needs. Contact us today at 1st Class Cleaning and let the professionals come to the rescue.

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