Post Company Holiday Party Cleaning Services

Post Company Holiday Party Cleaning ServicesNothing improves morale around the office like a holiday party to finish the year. It’s a perfect chance for employees to relax, celebrate the season with their co-workers, and let off a little steam from months of hard work. All this celebration has one unfortunate consequence, however: the mess. Whether your company has fifteen employees or fifty, a few shots of peppermint schnapps will have those workers behaving in a manner reminiscent of their college years, and that can spell bad news for the cleanliness of your office space.

After the relaxation and recovery of the holidays, the last thing you want to do is return to a dirty office. When Jim spills the bowl of guacamole all over the rug, it needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible, not just when the ants start to make your office their home. A party like yours can leave your office janitor overwhelmed, and nothing says holiday spirit like bringing in some reinforcements for your cleaning crew.

Ho-Ho-Ho Down

Luckily for you and your coworkers, 1st Class Cleaning is available to handle your dirtiest problems, and unlike your janitors, we aren’t going to judge you for the mess. We won’t ask you why there are coat hangers wrapped around the office plant; we won’t question why all of the staplers have been frozen in Jell-O; we won’t even wonder why the water cooler was filled with bubble bath. It’s your holiday party, and you deserve to pull out all the stops, so call up the cleaners that do the same.

At 1st Class Cleaning, we don’t hold anything back in our cleaning and organization of your workplace. Our experienced and professional crew will have your office looking like the party never happened; in fact, it will probably look better than it did before the event! So what Harry dressed as Santa and threw tinsel everywhere? You won’t even know the holidays happened by the time we’re finished.

New Year, New Start

The ball has dropped, the fireworks have burst, and champagne toasts have been made; it’s time for a new year, full of resolutions and promises. It’s a great time to start that new year with a clean slate, and we aren’t just referencing your conscience… your office should be clean too! In fact, it’s also a great time to promise to keep your office clean on a more permanent basis; why just clean it for the holidays? With 1st Class Cleaning, you can create a schedule to have us come in on a recurring basis, enabling you to keep the workplace tidy all the time.

With 1st Class Cleaning, the fresh start won’t only be for your office, but for the environment as well. We use a series of ecologically friendly cleaners that are not harmful to the world around us. These cleaners will not only make your office a cleaner, more chemical free place, but will contribute to improving the ecosystem and atmosphere.

1st Class First

Whether you threw a Hanukkah Ho Down, a Christmas Crash, or a Non Denominational Debauchery, we are ready and able to assist in your clean up. Get prepared for the coming of 2014 with a fresh and organized office by logging on to and booking a post party cleaning now!

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