Organize Your Kitchen Pantry: Make It Easy to Find What You Need

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry Make It Easy to Find What You NeedThe kitchen pantry is one of those places in your home that you know could be more organized, easier to use and, well, actually useful. And while shelving accommodates all of the overflow from your kitchen, avoiding clutter and mess can be a little more difficult. If everything is feeling a bit cramped and crowded, it may be time to make more effective use of this space. Here’s how!

1. Declutter First

Remove everything from your pantry and sort through it. If something is out of date, throw it away! Group like items together and order them by date. Oldest things go in the front and newer items go toward the back. This will help you make sure you’re actually using the things you’ve bought before they go bad.

2. Clean Out the Pantry

With everything out of the pantry, take some time to clean it. This could be spilled spices, stray noodles, loose dog food or just the dust bunnies that have collected at the back.

3. Think About How You Want to Organize Everything

Organization will be the key to getting everything under control and creating a functional, more usable space.

Where to Put Everything

Whatever you use the most should go on the most accessible shelving if it does not fit in your kitchen cabinets. Whatever you use the least but still need should be placed on the highest and lowest shelves.

The way you grouped items on your table is the way they should go back into the pantry (by frequency of use and expiration date).

Storage Containers and Lazy Susans

Invest in storage containers. It will prevent items from falling over and spilling while keeping your ingredients fresh. Lazy susans (stackable are best) are perfect for organizing smaller items like spices. You won’t need to rummage through the entire pantry to find what you want and nothing will get lost in the back corners. Spills will also be easier to clean up.

Utilize Walls and Doors

If you have an entire room for your pantry instead of just a closet, consider using hanging shelves and hooks to organize aprons, pot holders and pans before buying shelving. Organizing this way will take up less space and keep these commonly used items much more accessible. A plastic shoe rack can be hung on the door and used to store plastic bags and items like aluminum foil, parchment paper and shrink wrap.

Plate Racks or Drawers for Non-Ingredients

If you have multiple lids for pots, cookie sheets, cutting boards and nesting sets of Tupperware, consider organizing them in a drawer instead of on a shelf. This will keep them from getting dusty while letting you easily organize them type and by size.

If you simply don’t have time to organize the pantry but want to maximize its usefulness, let 1st Class Cleaning do it for you. We can clean out the pantry, create an organizational system that works and leave the space looking like new.

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