Organize Your Home with Lazy Susans

Organize Your Home with Lazy SusansWhen you’re getting your home organized, don’t underestimate the power of lazy Susans. These little rotating trays are ideal for areas throughout your home. Here are just a few ways rotating storage can help make your home more functional and organized.

In the Spice Cabinet

Take your most used spices and set them on the turntable. It will be easy to find what you need when you’re cooking. Another bonus is that you can take the entire turntable down for easy cleaning if something spills.

Lotions and Potions within Reach

Get your closet organized and make it easier to find the lotion you want by going with this circular storage. You can see what you have at a glance to easily replace items. If you like having these items out on the counter, then look for a decorative glass spinner that will also add interest to the powder room.

The Medication Closet Needs Attention

Put your medications on a spinner in the closet. You can divide and organize this based on the type of medication, date purchased, use or another defining factor. It also serves as a visual reminder to help you remember to take your meds.

Condiments on the Table

Do you have certain condiments that are used at every meal? Rather than constantly moving the sweetener, honey, salt, pepper and sugar bowl around, put them on a lazy Susan. Everything the family needs will be within reach and neatly contained on the rotating tray. This is also a great option for meals where you’re putting extra condiments on the table.

Easy Access in the Refrigerator

You have that one shelf in the fridge that’s set up for taller items, including the orange juice, milk, ketchup bottle and syrup. When you want something in the back, you wind up emptying the entire shelf. With a lazy Susan, you won’t have to. Put all of these items on the turntable and reaching the salad dressing that’s in the back will be just as easy as turning the tray.

Straighten the Workbench

Take your smaller items and organize them in clear plastic bottles or glass jars. Label the containers, and then put them on a lazy Susan on the back corner of your workbench. Your next project will go faster, and your entire workbench will look better.

The Nightstand

Do you have a little collection of goodies on your nightstand? If you’re tired of leaning out of bed to find your reading glasses or get your book, then a lazy Susan might be your new best friend. Simply set your items on the spinner and everything will be within easy reach.

Lazy Susans can be used in any area of your home from the pantry to your children’s toy room. When you have deep shelves or are constantly moving items around, the turntable is a smart solution. They’re also easy to clean and care for. Spills are easily cleaned off, and the area under the spinner can be wiped down to keep the entire area clean. If you love the idea of lazy Susans but don’t want to mess with cleaning them, 1st Class Cleaning can help. We offer customized cleaning services, and we’re happy to add the turntables to our list of chores. Visit us online or call (800) 309-7881 to schedule your cleaning appointment.

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