Organize Your Life By Cleaning Out Your Closet

organize your closetA closet is usually a culmination of year’s worth of memories compacted, buried, and stuffed into a space that is too small to accommodate the overflow. By cleaning out your closet, you can gain a whole new lease on life starting at home. It can be a cumbersome task to take on but with a structured game plan, cleaning out your closet can be a breeze. Here are a few tips to follow on your way to a more orderly closet.

Clean the Rest of Your Room
When cleaning out a vital area such as your closet, it is inevitable that piles will be made, things will be thrown, and what was once densely piled into your closet will be spilled out across your bedroom. By making sure that your bedroom is tidy and orderly before you start this process you can prevent an enlarged mess from accumulating. Working with a clear space will allow you to easily sort and organize.

Create Piles
There can be various types of contents in a closet other than just the clothes you wear. Everything from purses, shoes, belts and other accessories to sheets, towels, and other bed dressings can be stored in this one space depending on your living arrangements. Once you have cleared everything from the closet and it is in plain sight, arrange it into sections. Your piles can include things to donate, things to toss, and things to relocate. Your clutter will begin to dwindle at this point as you are soon on your way to closet detox.

There are an unlimited amount of places that will gladly accept your gently used clothes, accessories, home décor, and nearly anything else that you should happen to uncover in the depths of your closet. Turning a profit might even be possible as many consignment shops pay for your previously worn items. There are also many organizations that deliver items to other countries where they could be of better use. As you clear up your living space you can also be helping a person or organization in need.

Be Realistic
Although closets can be a perfect place to house memories and things we can’t seem to part with, cleaning it out can be a great way to rid you of clutter inducing items that serve no real purpose. Items that will not be worn, are damaged, and are outdated are taking up valuable space in your already cramped closet. By sorting out the things you do not need you can free yourself of the disorder that is plaguing your living space.

Start Anew
Cleaning out your closet can provide you an opportunity to start fresh. Riding yourself of everything that has amassed in your closet can be a freeing experience that can provide a world of good both for your home’s life as well as your personal life. Aside from what is absolutely necessary to keep, do away with everything else. Start your new clutter-free life on the right foot.

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