How to Organize and Clean Your Mudroom

Your mudroom serves as an important room in your house. The mudroom is the first room you enter when coming into a house. This room can be a catch-all for everyone’s items, bags, shoes, coats and other belongings and it can often get messy or cluttered very easily. The best method of keeping a clean mudroom is to try an organization method that gives a place for every item that gets dropped off in your mudroom.

The first step to doing this is assessing what sort of storage your mudroom needs. If you live in a cold, rainy, or snowy environment, a mudroom that can handle wet or muddy shoes and large jackets or coats would be ideal. Start by creating a space for everyone’s items. A bucket, box or basket for loose items such as book bags or toys can be kept for all of the children of the house, and adults, too. Keeping ample hooks or closet space for everyone’s loose winter or wet gear will help keep your mudroom tidy. Having an area specifically for shoes is incredibly important. Most people use their mudrooms as a drop off point for shoes and a place to put on slippers or socks to keep the house clean and dirt free.

Create a cubby or locker system for each member of the household. If you can make a specific place for each person to store his or her belongings, there’s less chance that they’ll lose or misplace their items when they need to grab them next. Key hooks and baskets are great tools for keeping your mudroom organized.

The next step is to make sure your mudroom consists of materials that are not only easy to clean, but materials you can keep clean on a regular basis. Flooring that is good for wet or muddy shoes may be your best choice for your mudroom, and should help keep the rest of your house clean. Keeping a mop and broom in easy reach for those using the mudroom should allow for easy cleanup of excess dirt and accidental spills.

Another good thing to have in your mudroom is something you can use to receive things like paperwork and bills. Your children may bring home tons of paper products daily, and they may all find their way scattered about your mudroom. Take a chance to evaluate your mudroom’s purpose. If you need a receiving area for incoming mail and paperwork, consider a system of shelving or boxes on the wall to keep paperwork organized. Instruct other family members to use this system so all paperwork ends up in the same place.

Using shoe hooks for excess shoes or shoes specifically for bad weather can be very helpful in keeping everything organized and reduce the risk of losing one shoe out of a pair. Be sure to keep seating in your mudroom to help those who are putting their shoes on and taking them off. Dirty or muddy shoes are especially difficult to take off while standing up.

Make it a point to clean your mudroom weekly. This will help any tracking of excess dirt, dust or mold into the house and will promote a clean and organized environment for your family.

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