Organic Cleaning Tips in an Office

Whether your office is a 700 square foot mom and pop setup, or a takes up an entire 70,000 square foot office building, you probably care a great deal about keeping it a clean and healthy environment for yourself and your employees. One way to ensure a better environment for your office inhabitants is to start cleaning organically. Organic cleaning uses eco-friendly products, mircofiber cloths and specialized hypoallergenic vacuums to help prevent illnesses and allergic reactions from sensitive employees.

Below is a list of tips for hiring an organic cleaning service for your office. The service, ideally, should:

  • Use the right products. Cleaning products should be natural solutions such as vinegar or baking soda based cleaners, or should be products that have a Green Seal and/or are EPA Certified. If you are supplying the cleaning materials, follow this same policy. Do not buy cleansers that are petroleum based, contain dyes or fragrances, or will pollute waterways if flushed or goes down the drain.
  • Have properly trained employees. Green Seal Certified and trained employees will understand the proper way to organically clean.
  • Use HEPA filtered vacuums to vacuum all carpets, rugs, and upholstered surfaces.
  • Use microfiber materials. Floors should be washed with microfiber mops and furniture and surfaces should be dusted with microfiber cloths.
  • Should not use air fresheners. Many air fresheners work through the release of chemical agents meant to deaden smelling ability; still others coat the nasal passages with an oily film – often a pesticide called methoxychlor. Another scary chemical frequently found in air fresheners: formaldehyde. This highly toxic carcinogen can be extremely irritating to sensitive individuals.

Advantages to Organic Cleaning in your Office

Better Employee Retention: Employees like to know that their superiors care about their health and well being; instituting organic cleaning policies can cut down employee turnover rates due to increased employee morale.

Reduced Chances of Complaints or Potential Lawsuits: One of the causes of the much discussed (especially by personal injury lawyers) “Sick Building Syndrome” are VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted from the use of harsh chemical cleansers. Also, more people than ever are displaying symptoms of MCS, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a condition that is aggravated by exposure to many of the materials used in modern construction and cleaning. Eliminate the problematic cleaning products and potential for complaint by using organic cleaning practices in your office.

Higher Productivity and Lowered Costs: Poor indoor air quality can, and often does, contribute to a whole host of worker problems: low productivity, absenteeism, and high health claims to name just a few. Some authorities on the subject estimate that improving air quality through organic and “green” methods can increase worker productivity by anywhere from half a percent to more than 5 percent. These improvements can also reduce Worker’s Compensation and health insurance claims from susceptible workers. Furthermore, organic cleaning can extend the life of flooring, surfaces and other fixtures and equipment, cutting down maintenance costs over time.

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