Organic Cleaning Services in New York City

There are basically two types of cleaning services in New York City. There are those who apply organic or “green” technologies, and those who continue to use toxic cleaning products, which often cause skin irritations and other serious illnesses.

When a cleaning service uses traditional, chemical based cleaning products in a home or a business, family members and employees often suffer skin damage, allergies, eye irritations, cancer or a variety of other harsh chemically related irritations due to the toxic fumes that remain in the home or office. In a home or office eating space, chemicals could spill over onto eating surfaces like counters and tables. The spill could very likely contaminate any food prepared in the area. Hazardous chemical sprays could also leave toxic residue on a child’s toys that are often chewed on or placed in the mouth. Not to mention the fact that the fumes from these dangerous chemicals can linger for days.

Organic Cleaning
Hiring an organic cleaning company means that its employees use only the best and latest organic cleaning products that are made using all natural ingredients and are strictly environmentally friendly. Using these green products promotes better health for a company’s employees while promoting the “need to go green” at the same time. Eco-friendly cleaning means families and employees no longer have to be exposed to the chemicals used by non organic cleaning firms. Let’s face it, living in New York City exposes most of us to plenty of outside pollutants regularly, so why worry about our home or office?

Today’s modern organic cleaning companies are earth friendly and an all natural cleaning solution for businesses and homes throughout New York City. It’s a growing trend, not only in the City, but all over the world. A green, organic cleaning company is held to a higher standard, because it is taking steps to improve the environment as a whole. Cleaning products containing irritants and toxins are rapidly being replaced by cleaners and methods that use only natural organic and non-toxic products. And, there is no truth to the rumor that organic cleaning doesn’t do as good a job as other chemical products. The new technology available to create eco-friendly, organic cleaning products has proved that these cleansers are as good at cleaning as any chemical concoction.

From an industrial or commercial point of view, hiring a company that offers organic cleaning services shows that businesses going green are taking a more healthy and holistic avenue to the maintenance and cleaning of their facilities. This not only includes the health benefits, but also using organic cleaning methods can reduce liability and better improve productivity; all leading to greater cost savings for the businesses. With the achievements and advancements in new chemical technology, cleaning products that are organic in nature are allowing more and more businesses to think green.

The benefits of an organic cleaning service in New York City are endless no matter where they are applied. It’s time for New York City homeowners and businesses to get with the picture and start hiring organic cleaning services that are safe for families, employees and our environment. Contact 1st Class Cleaning at for your organic cleaning services today!

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