Small Business Cleaning Tips

Keeping a small business clean presents special challenges. Not least of these is the often friendly nature of the small business. No one wants to take on the “Mom” role, constantly reminding employees to be tidy, or cleaning up after them.

As is often the case when it comes to keeping tidy, “The best defense is a good offense.” Make your business a place that is easy to keep clean.

One important thing to remember is the psychological effect of a pristine office – when one’s environment is remarkably clean, there’s an associated pressure to keep it that way.

In a dingy, cluttered looking hallway, an employee might not think twice about leaving that missed piece of trash next to the trashcan, but if it’s glaringly obvious, (He might get caught!) he’s more likely to go back and throw it away properly.

So, it’s important to keep the office well-maintained. Even a damaged paint job can dramatically impact the perception of your office. Good lighting also helps this perception.

Keep clutter to a minimum in hallways and meeting rooms. This serves the additional purpose of leaving fewer surfaces to gather dust.

An untidy desk is much more difficult to keep clean. Let your desk set the example for your employees. If your desk is untidy, how can you expect organization from them?

Provide plenty of folders, inboxes, and other organizers. It’s next to impossible to keep everything in its place when there’s no place to put it! Provide little bottles of spray cleaner that employees can keep at their desks to clean up messes from spilled drinks or other accidents.

Although it can be problematic for employees to eat at their desks, this is often unavoidable. Keyboard protectors can protect one of your most valuable assets from real damage. Compressed air cleaners can also keep keyboards functioning their best.

Screen cleaners are also important to keep your office looking good. Remember, everything the potential investor or customer sees in your office sets the tone for your encounter, and for their perception of your workplace as either well or poorly managed.

Keep trashcans and recycling bins near any printers or copiers and at each employee’s desk, if possible. Remember, the handier the trashcans are, the more likely employees are to use them. It can even be helpful to have trashcans in the hallway, so that Joe the janitor doesn’t leave his apple core sitting on the water fountain!

If you can’t keep your employees from eating lunch at their desks, or if you’d like to encourage this activity, it would be wise to have them throw away any uneaten food in an outside trashcan, or one that is emptied daily.

If a cleaning crew only comes through once a week, and employees leave food in un-emptied trashcans, that food may have taken on new life – and a strong odor- by the time the cleaning crew comes by.

Finally, remember that cleanup is best achieved as you go, and some things are better to address in advance.

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