Office Carpet Cleaning New York City

Office Carpet Cleaning New York City with 1st Class CleaningA New York City office conveys a position of importance and professionalism. You’ve chosen to work out of a space in the heart of the most thriving city in the country. However, simply having a prestigious address or a beautifully decorated office isn’t enough to create a great workspace. Without the right maintenance your office begins to look worn or dingy, no matter how new your space is. Regular cleaning keeps work spaces neat without the need for you or an employee to take time out of a busy schedule to scrub the walls. You shouldn’t have to worry about office cleaning with all of the other concerns on your mind.

Carpets often show wear and catch dirt first. We walk over these soft, plush floor coverings with the same shoes we traverse the streets of New York City. You can’t ask your clients or workers to take off their shoes when entering your office just to preserve the carpeting. Weekly or monthly carpet cleanings take out all of the dust, dirt and grime that gets ground into the floor. Cleaning carpets yourself is hard. It requires you to purchase expensive cleaning equipment that can damage the floor if you aren’t trained in using it. There’s also the matter of storing the equipment between uses.

If you don’t have space in your budget for hiring a dedicated employee just for janitorial services, turn to the trusted team members of 1st Class Cleaning. These experts in New York City office and residential cleaning have years of experience running the very best carpet cleaning machines. A trained carpet cleaner will run a highly efficient deep-cleaning machine throughout your office. You won’t have to deal with damp carpets or noisy machines running while you work because scheduling allows the cleaning team to work when you’re not in the office.

Regular carpet cleaning also keeps the fibers in better shape for longer. Whether the carpet uses natural or synthetic fibers, in a short pile or a deep shag, it will look like-new again after each cleaning if you start with the right regular maintenance program early. Fibers become flattened and stained if they go too long without cleaning. Why pay to replace office carpeting every two years when monthly cleanings can extend the beauty of the flooring for at least 5 years? Having maintenance done on the weekends or nights when you aren’t using the office is far less disruptive than removing all of the furniture and equipment for a full flooring replacement.

If your New York City office carpeting looks less than its best, Contact 1st Class Cleaning. Don’t look unprofessional because of dingy, stained carpeting. Trusting a professional cleaning team will allow you to focus on your business instead of the cleaning chores around the office. 1st Class Cleaning also does residential services, allowing you to create a convenient package that keeps all of your living and work spaces clean and ready for use

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