How Often Should a Business Office Clean

If you are like most people, an office will begin to gather dust and dirt before it would dawn on you that it’s time to clean it. In an ideal world, however, your workplace would never even approach that point. When dust balls, debris, and fingerprints are not even yet visible to the casual observer, it can still have a subtle but negative impact. The mood, tone, and energy in the workplace can suffer, possibly slowing down overall efficiency and production.

When a business office is cleaned regularly, it stays clean and retains its original sparkle. Most offices spend a fair amount of money on the interior décor, so it only makes logical sense to keep it cleaned, allowing it to keep that quality and charm that was so attractive in the first place. The highest quality tables, chairs, carpet and drapes may fill your office, but if dust and dirt are allowed to collect on these, the superior quality is always obscured. This buildup causes an item to look no better than a much lower quality item, driving down the perceived quality of the office, the experience, and the entire company, in the long run.

Many people nowadays are aware of the negative environmental impact of conventional cleaning products. If those are still used at your office, it may subconsciously affect the desire to use these detrimental products, therefore causing you to actually clean your office less. It is therefore worth it to make a trip to purchase environmentally safe, or “green” cleaning products to use in your office every day. This could even cause you to feel so positive about using these products, that you may find yourself looking forward to cleaning more than ever before. This would not only be a benefit to the environment on our planet, but it would create good planet karma, and mightily boost your office quality as well.

When office workers are infected with flu or cold germs, surfaces that are shared and touched by everyone become germ transfer points. Studies have shown that office workers are exposed to more germs at their desks than at the toilet! Since some viruses can survive on shared surfaces for several days, it goes without saying that cleaning and disinfecting these surfaces on a daily basis would go a long way toward keeping the spread of illnesses in check. Using a sanitizing product on the surfaces most used, such as keyboards, desks, doors and water coolers, would cut down the survival and transference of these sick germs, and consequently, the missed days of your workers.

An office should, optimally, be totally cleaned top to bottom once a week. Additionally, light cleaning every day would be ideal, to rid it of any food or drink items from snacks, trash taken out, and a light sweep or vaccuum should be run, and shared surfaces disinfected. Offices with very few employees may get away with light cleaning every other day, but no less would really be sufficient for the ideal upkeep of your office.

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