Break Area and Refrigerator Odor Control

There is no doubt that if you have a kitchen, kitchenette or break area in your office space, that you probably also end up combating a lot of cleaning issues that have to do with cleaning up the break room and controlling odors in the refrigerator. If this is the case for you, then one of the things that you are going to want to consider is hiring a professional cleaning services company that is capable of providing you with the level of break area and refrigerator odor control and cleaning services that you need in order to keep your company’s break area or kitchen area under control at all times.

There are a number of cleaning tasks that can be achieved in your break room or kitchen area depending on the type of service that you contract for this purpose. Some of the cleaning tasks that can be provided by such a service provider will include:

  • Antibacterial surface sprays and other cleaning products that are intended for kitchen spaces and eating spaces can be used to clean all of the hard surfaces in the kitchen and break room areas including counter tops, front of fridge, table tops and chairs,
  • Hard floors can be swept and dry mopped using a commercial grade sanitizing agent,
  • Carpeting can be vacuumed to remove food particles and other spills,
  • Microwave and other kitchen applies can be cleaned
  • Refrigerator can be cleaned out on a regular basis, including removing items that are not dated, dated incorrectly or past their expiration date,
  • All hard surfaces within refrigerator can be sprayed down with antibacterial agent,
  • Odor control product can be replaced or topped up in refrigerator to keep out odors,
  • Any dishes that are belonging to the company itself can be collected, cleaned and returned to where they belong,
  • All cloths and mops should be color coded in comparison to those used for other parts of the building in order to ensure that cross contamination is avoided

The break room or kitchen area in a business is often one of the most difficult areas in the building to deal with on your own. Giving your employees incentives to do their part or simply expecting them to is not always the answer. Instead, you should consider a professional break area and refrigerator odor control service that can ensure that this area is kept clean, tidy and odor free for you, without having to wait for your staff members to take it upon themselves to get the job done.

Kitchen odors can really diffuse all throughout a building by way of central air and ventilation, so if you do not want your clients or customers to know what’s brewing in the break room or break area, it would be wise to stay on the odor control for this space with a professional service that can get the job done for you.

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