Office Cleaning Services in Manhattan from Professionals

Office Cleaning Services in Manhattan from ProfessionalsOffice Cleaning Services in Manhattan from Professionals

When you invest in professional office cleaning services, you will actually improve your bottom line. A clean office is aesthetically appealing, but it goes beyond creating an attractive space. You will keep your staff healthier, make the right impression on new clients, and ensure that productivity levels remain high.

Clients Notice Everything

You may have blinders on when it comes to the dust bunnies under your secretary’s desk or the spider’s web in the corner, but your clients don’t. They notice every little flaw in your office, and a dusty environment reflects poorly on you. Stains on the carpet, dingy windows, dusty surfaces and an underlying odor cast a poor impression, and it sets the wrong tone for your meeting. Make sure you are always putting your best foot forward by keeping the office environment clean.

The Forgotten Areas

Even if you have your employees cleaning their own offices, there are still community areas that are often forgotten. Some of the most important areas to clean are the lobby, bathroom and employee breakroom. Professional cleaning teams will move through your facility methodically to ensure that no area is forgotten.

Healthy Clients and Employees

Dust is composed of many things, including allergens that can make your employees miserable. When the office is dusty and dirty, your workers are more likely to feel poorly. When they aren’t feeling well, they will not work up to their full potential. Productivity suffers, and employee morale falls. They are more likely to take sick days, and your profit levels are adversely affected. Provide your employees with a clean environment, and you will see productivity levels increase and sick days decrease.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Dust hides bigger problems, and serious issues can be lurking behind a pile of papers in the corner. When the office is dirty and dingy, you may not notice that slowly expanding water stain on the ceiling. If you are having the environment cleaned on a regular basis, then damage is easily spotted. Repairs are made in a timely manner, and that helps you avoid serious expenses down the road.

Reduced Liability

You are responsible for what happens on your property, and you can be held liable for accidents. Whether the problem is a leaking roof that eventually collapses or a dusty environment that is making your employees sick, you can reduce your liability by keeping the environment clean. Not only does it help prevent accidents, but it also shows that you are making every effort to protect your employees and your customers.

Durable Fixtures

The best thing you can do for computers and other electronics is to keep the environment clean. Dusting the office and keeping it clean will help your computers, electronics, and other fixtures last longer. Dust inside the housing blocks and fan can prevent the computer from cooling efficiently, and it can also cause shorts in the electrical flow. Decreased connectivity between adapter cards slows the computer down, and you will have to replace the systems more frequently. Protect your electronics by investing in a clean work environment.

Regular cleaning will also ensure that your carpets, counters, furniture and other items last longer. Trust professionals to remove carpet stains, so you can keep the carpet looking great longer. Over time, you will reduce expenses and save money as well as enjoying a clean working environment.

Improved Air Quality

When the office is clean, the air quality will be improved. Without allergens floating through the air, it will smell better. This is important not only for your customers, but also for your employees who are spending several hours a day working in the office.

Convenient Cleaning Times

You need the office to be cleaned, but you don’t want to disrupt your workers or customers. With contracted services, you can have the office cleaned before or after regular business hours. This ensures that your business will not be disrupted, and it allows you to set up an effective cleaning schedule.

The Benefits of Contracted Services

Some companies have their own janitorial staff, but there are several benefits to contracting this service from a professional company dedicated solely to the task.

• Lower benefits expenses –Employees require benefits, but you can choose independent cleaning companies and avoid this cost.

• Reliable work – When you have an outside agency cleaning the office, it is in their best interest to keep the office shining and provide you with exceptional work every time. They want your repeat business, and they know the best way to ensure that they will keep your business is by doing a great job.

• No sick days – If you have an internal cleaning staff, then you will go shorthanded when someone is out sick or on vacation. With professional services, you can trust that you will always have the proper size crew to get a job done.

• No hassle – With professional cleaners, you won’t have to waste any time training someone how to do the job. They will clean the area efficiently and thoroughly without you having to take time out of your day.

• Lower costs – Maintaining your own janitorial staff becomes expensive. In addition to the employee hours, you also need to cover the cleaning supplies, buckets and chemicals. Choose a professional company that provides their own and you can avoid all of those expenses.

Keep the Focus on Work

Your team of employees is specialized and skilled. They know how to build your business, take care of your customers, and keep your production lines moving. The last thing you want to do is ask them to take their focus away from the important job at hand. Let a professional cleaning crew come in and take care of the cleaning so your team can continue focusing on building your business.

In addition to being a smart choice for your profit levels, this is also an important choice for employee morale and productivity. Skilled workers can become resentful if they are asked to leave the job they love to scrub the bathroom or vacuum the floor. Keep your employees happy and productive by calling in professionals to take care of the cleaning.

Other Services

Most office cleaning companies do more than just vacuum carpets and dust. They also help with moves, organization, construction cleanup and more. They can scrub grout, organize closets, sanitize the office, and clean up after parties. They can clean the entire office from top to bottom, so you can be confident that the entire area is clean and ready for use.

Green Options

If you are worried about employee health and welfare, then choose a company that has green cleaning options. When the harmful chemicals are eliminated, your employees are less likely to become sick from fumes. Choose green cleaning options and you can also advertise that your business is environmentally conscious, and that can help you gain new customers. Green cleaners are also gentle on your fixtures, so you won’t have to worry about them fading or being damaged by harsh chemicals.

There are several reasons to invest in regular office cleaning services. With a regular schedule, you can trust that your office is always clean and ready for business. Employee productivity levels improve, and you will make the right impression on customers when the facility is clean.

Professional agencies like 1st Class Cleaning help you save money by lowering expenses and improving employee productivity levels. Call us today to see how affordable our services are and discover how we can help you with reliable cleaning services.

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