Office Cleaning Rates

When one person at the office gets sick, it usually doesn’t take long for others to follow. Sometimes illnesses can cycle through an office several times before everyone finally gets better. This can lower employee productivity by causing more employees to take more sick days, or employees who don’t want to lose their jobs might make others sick by working while contagious. Health concerns aside, the office’s cleanliness is also a direct reflection of the company, so even if cleaning costs are a deterrent to hiring a professional cleaning company, this service should be seen as an investment. There are several major concerns that commonly plague business owners’ minds when it comes to office cleaning rates, and 1st Class Cleaning sets out to ease all of them. For many businesses struggling in an uncertain economy, cost is the primary worry; they want to keep a clean office, but they feel that they lack the resources to hire an outside cleaning company.

Professional office cleaning services should be seen as an investment that pays for itself in its results. An office lobby is the 1st impression that many potential clients will receive of a company, and its cleanliness reflects the company’s attention to detail. If it is poorly kept, it can give off the impression that the business will likewise not take the time to ensure client satisfaction. Office cleaning rates are determined by many different factors, including office type, square footage, number of restrooms, and the intensity of cleaning required. A 1st Class Cleaning staff member can visit an office and provide a personalized cleaning plan as well as an estimate. No long-term contracts are required, although satisfied clients may enter into a long-term service agreement for a discounted rate. 1st Class Cleaning provides one-time services for event clean-up or spring cleaning, or cleaning professionals can come by on a regular basis to maintain the office’s cleanliness.

Another concern among business owners is security. Because office cleaning usually takes place in the evening when employees and clients have left, a business owner might feel wary of trusting new people with the building after office hours. Each 1st Class Cleaning employee is licensed, bonded, and insured, and each one has passed an extensive background check. These are not temporary hires who come and go; they are permanently staffed individuals who have established a trustworthy reputation.

A final worry that sometimes deters business owners from professional cleaning services is the products that these companies use. There are environmental concerns as well as allergen concerns for the employees. In a society that is becoming more eco-friendly, more business owners are shifting toward greener solutions through their businesses in every aspect. Although clients are welcome to provide their own products for cleaning services, they can also opt for green cleaning products. 1st Class Cleaning uses Method products, which is a line of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. Employees and clients with allergies or respiratory problems can suffer from the fumes that regular cleaning products emanate, especially in enclosed spaces like restrooms.
With reasonable office cleaning rates, commitment to environmental concerns, and a trustworthy cleaning staff, 1st Class Cleaning NYC outshines the competition. Estimates are free and can be provided over the phone, or a staff member can come to the office to put together a customized cleaning plan at no obligation.

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