Deep Cleaning in NYC

Having and maintaining a clean home does not have to be a daunting, stressful or strenuous task.  By hiring a cleaning service, you can ensure that your home is sanitary and beautiful.  The energy it takes to tidy up at home pales in comparison to the time and effort it might take to give your home the deep cleaning that you have meant to do for a while now.  Maybe you haven’t gotten around to it because you lead a hectic lifestyle full of priorities, obligations and responsibilities.  A cleaning service can provide you with the deep cleaning that you have been seeking.

Spring Cleaning

Many people like to give their home a good scrub once per year.  For some this is in the spring time, for others this may be at any other time during the year when it’s convenient.  Having your home look neat and smell fresh anytime of the year is within reach.  Spruce up for the spring, summer, fall or winter with a deep clean that is sure to impress.

Moving In

It is bad enough that finding an apartment or home causes major stress.  Adding cleaning to that stress can seem inconceivable.  If you are about to move in or have already and want to disinfect and sanitize your home, a deep cleaning is probably a good idea.  Since you are unsure of exactly how the previous owner took care of the space, you should take the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe.  If you are bringing home a new baby, and want to rid your home of bacteria and germs, a deep cleaning could go a long way in eliminating the risk of contamination and sickness.

Ready to Sell

If you are planning to put your home up for sale on the market, the condition of your home becomes very important.  Potential buyers will prefer to view the inside and outside of a home before making a decision.  If the interior of your home is organized and tidy, buyers may be more apt to make an offer.  If you are moving out of your rental, the landlord will likely return your security deposit if you leave the rental in the condition in which you found it.  A deep cleaning service can assist you with all your moving needs.


Having family and friends over for the holidays and special occasions can be one of the greatest parts of having an apartment or home.  Visitors can also cause you to panic because of all the preparation involved in their arrival.  If your home needs a deep cleaning, 1st Class Cleaning can ensure that the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas are meticulously cleaned down to the last detail.  From the floors, to the sink, to the trash, 1st Class Cleaning can make your home spotless for you and your guests.

1st Class Cleaning has been satisfying customers for years.  They know that deep cleaning your home is something that is important you.  To schedule a NYC deep cleaning appointment with them, go to today.

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