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If one of your pet peeves is looking at a dirty carpet, you need to do something about it.  Carpets have the tendency to get dirty over time.  If you don’t regularly vacuum or maintain your carpet, it can begin to look and smell filthy.  Even if you do have a regular cleaning regimen, you know that keeping your carpet clean can be more of a task than any other part of your home or business.  This is because you walk on your carpet all the time, sometimes with shoes, that carry massive amounts of dirt.  Carpet that is light in color is especially prone to looking dirty.  If you have dark colored carpet, dirt can accumulate without you knowing.  Sometimes carpet can get dirty because of spills.  Spills that have settled into the carpet can create a stain that is very hard to remove.  Having a clean carpet will improve the overall appearance of your space.

Getting your carpet to be as clean as possible can take immense amounts of time and effort.  If you have a home or office with a large square footage of carpet flooring, the process of cleaning it could take hours.  If you lead a demanding, busy lifestyle, you may not have the time it takes to give your carpet a proper cleaning.

New York has many cleaning service companies to choose from, so you need to be selective.  All cleaning companies are not the same and don’t offer the same type of services.  You have to be critical when it comes to who you allow in your home or office.  Before you select a cleaning service to handle your carpet cleaning needs, you should consider the following:


Determine if the cleaning service that you want to hire is bonded and insured.  This will protect you from being liable should anything happen to one of the employees of the company while in your home or business.  This will also protect you from having to cover any damages that may occur to your property.  You should also find out about the hiring process of the employees to ensure that there is a thorough background screening process.  Intense screening can help to reduce the risk of theft.


Having your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning service should mean that your carpet is getting cleaned in a professional way.  Beyond vacuuming, your carpet needs to be steam cleaned.  The steam cleaning process will loosen up stains and lift dirt particles that have become lodged in your carpet.  Steam cleaning is very hygienic and provides a more uniform finish.

Your Needs

A professional cleaning service that can clean your carpet for a reasonable price is ideal.  Many cleaning companies over charge for certain services because they don’t think that clients will compare their price to other cleaning services.  You also need a company that will work with your schedule and time frame as well.

A company like 1st Class Cleaning can provide you with quality carpet cleaning services.  Visit 1stclasscleaningnyc.com today to learn more.

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