Window Cleaning Services in Queens

Window cleaning in Queens may be a little less daunting than it would be in Manhattan, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult! In Queens, window washers will mostly have to deal with the windows of private homes, mom and pop stores and apartment buildings that rarely rise above fifteen floors. No matter the size of the job, 1st Class Cleaning is as committed to doing as amazing a job cleaning the windows of a home in Astoria as they would the windows of the Empire State Building.

Weather and Clean Windows

The climate in Queens can be dramatic, with hot summers, a fair amount of rain and winters that can be frigid and snowy. After a while this climate takes a toll on your windows, especially the old and poorly insulated windows often found in older buildings. Grime and debris start to build up and even when the owner tries to wash the windows themselves, the windows remain dingy. Often the window is dirtier on the inside than it is on the outside, especially the kitchen windows, which trap grease. Hands and fingers also leave oils and dirt on the inside of windows. Grimy windows cut down on the light, sometimes drastically. People with dirty windows often notice that the plants placed in them don’t do as well as plants placed in sparkling clean windows. Does this sound like your daily struggle? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were able to take care of the stress for you?

1st Class Cleaning
is committed to scrubbing your troubles away and letting in the sunshine, making window cleaning worries a thing of the past. Their dedicated window cleaning service team is careful to use products that are environmentally friendly. The surfactants they use to clean the windows are made from natural substances and work by simply absorbing the dirt, allowing it to be wiped away. Other, harsher chemicals cause the dirt to degrade and can also get into the water system, cause health problems for people and pets who are sensitive to harsh chemicals. Unlike other chemicals like ammonia, the company’s cleansers also have a fragrance that lets the home or business owner know that their windows are clean without that irritating smell.

Steam Window Cleaning

Another method used to clean windows is through steam cleaning. 1st Class Cleaning uses the steam from boiling the water to clean the windows and avoids using chemicals altogether. Steam cleaning is not just for glass, but can also be used on window blinds. It doesn’t matter if the blinds are vertical or horizontal or what material they’re made of, steam will sanitize and disinfect one of the most prominent surfaces in your home with ease.

1st Class Cleaning has been in business for many years, and its professionals abide by the highest standards of workmanship and courtesy. They guarantee their work and equipment, are fully bonded and have all the necessary insurances. They bring all their supplies and equipment themselves and will obtain whatever permits may be necessary to complete their work. They are always on time, their prices are competitive and they work within any budget.
Any business or homeowner in Queens shouldn’t hesitate to contact 1st Class Cleaning to make their windows pristine, brilliant and inviting. Call or click today at

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