Wall Washing Services NYC

Many homeowners don’t include washing the walls in their homes as part of their normal cleaning routine. Unless you need to remove smudges or marks, your walls may be cleaned less frequently than even ceilings or light fixtures. However, walls collect dust, grime and odors just as carpets, draperies and furniture do. Washing the walls lightens a room, gives it a fresh scent and removes harmful bacteria.

Clean walls help make a home look its best when you’re ready to sell it. You may also want to spruce up your entire home for a special event, perhaps a wedding or a family reunion. Washing the walls will add extra sparkle and shine to a room, helping it look and smell bright and inviting.

Wall Washing Cleaning Methods

Although washing walls isn’t a cleaning chore that needs to be done weekly, you should make it part of your cleaning schedule on a regular basis, particularly in situations like living with a smoker. Wall cleaning doesn’t require expensive products or extensive preparation. Mild detergent easily removes most dirt and odors that have built up over time. You simply wash the wall with a mixture of the detergent and water and then rinse it with clean water. You need to dry the wall with a soft cloth such as a terrycloth towel after you’ve rinsed off the soapy solution to avoid leaving streaks behind. It’s best to work with small areas of the walls so that soap residue or streaks aren’t left behind.

The aforementioned techniques are helpful, but they can only do so much to sanitize your home. A professional cleaning service like 1st Class Cleaning can come to your home or place of business to wash your walls to take a load off your already busy schedule. Their professional cleaning service personnel know how to complete the job efficiently and effectively. There are special situations that may require knowledge and experience the average person doesn’t have about washing walls. For example, you may have mirrored wall tiles that can be difficult to clean or your walls may be painted a dark color that might require a very particular cleaning method to prevent any fading. 1st Class Cleaning has the expertise and the products needed to successfully complete any wall-washing job.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

1st Class Cleaning uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that clean surfaces by collecting and removing dirt rather than breaking it down with chemicals that can affect clients’ health or the water supply. Many of the natural products used have eliminated the intermediate step of rinsing off just-cleaned surfaces. The cleaning solution is so natural that it can be applied and wiped with a dry, clean cloth. No residue is left behind.

The natural cleaning products also help you and your family if anyone has respiratory health concerns such as allergies or asthma or sensitivity to chemicals. Green cleaning products break down naturally without releasing toxins in the air or water. You’ll benefit your family as well as the environment when you trust in 1st Class Cleaning to removing the dirt and grime from your walls using environmentally friendly cleaning products, without sacrificing your family or workforce’s help. Call or click today to get a personalized estimate today!

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