Spring Cleaning Springfield Gardens, NY

Spring Cleaning Springfield Gardens Some people are hesitant to hire professional cleaners or a maid service because they think it’s an unnecessary luxury. However, after the stress and mess of the holidays and the dampness and chill of winter, spring-cleaning is a necessity. Hiring a professional who is thoroughly trained in green cleaning methods and products makes spring-cleaning even more effective.

Winter and the heat of forced air and radiator systems can make your home a haven for dust, germs and allergens. Children, the elderly, and anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems can really be affected by the dry heat and stale air. Even those without respiratory issues get colds, sinus problems and irritation. Fresh air can’t circulate when windows are closed, and artificial cleaners just cause more irritation and mask odors. Closed up spaces need a thorough cleaning to get rid of irritants as well as prevent mold and mildew.

Besides the chill of winter, your home can also use a good cleaning to recover from the holiday season. All the extra visitors to your home can leave stains and germs. Bring decorations out of dusty and damp storage containers can cause extra dust and grime. The quick, surface cleaning routines that you do over the busy holiday season only cover up these germs and dirt.

A professional cleaner or maid will not only clean up the surface dirt you can see, they will also spend time getting rid of dust and odors on upholstery, rugs and other items that require a deep cleaning. This gets rid of pet dander, dust mites and other allergens for a truly healthy and refreshed space.

Whether you choose a one-time spring-cleaning to air out and detoxify your home, or a regular cleaning service to keep your home cleaner through the winter, you can be sure your home will feel cleaner and everyone will be more comfortable and healthy.

Not only does a spring-cleaning make your home feel, look and smell better, it can give you the motivation to work on other home projects. If your home feels cluttered, full of items you don’t use and décor you no longer like, this is a great time to make a change. Spend some time before your cleaning appointment to go through your home. Take away the things that are no longer important to you, and think about ways to display important personal mementos and photos that are stored away. Think of new organization systems to help reduce clutter and make life flow more smoothly. This may even be a good time to think of a home improvement or redecorating project. A clean, organized, fresh home is a great way to start off spring – the season of renewal and rebirth.

To get this process started, visit 1st Class Cleaning to schedule your cleaning appointment today. It’s never too early to schedule your appointment for spring-cleaning or start getting your space cleaned by a qualified professional.


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