Spring Cleaning Ridgewood, NY

Spring Cleaning RidgewoodSpring-cleaning gives you the chance to rid your home of the stale air and general funk that permeates your home during the winter months. In winter, you keep the windows closed and the stale air settles into any fabric surface, including furniture, curtains, and carpets or rugs. While you can do all the hard work yourself, you can also call 1st Class Cleaning and let us takeover. We feature a trained staff of housekeepers with experience battling hundreds of different problems and situations. The process starts with one of our cleaning staff coming directly to your home and discussing your needs. You can even arrange for the housekeeper to do a quick walk-through and tell you what needs done.

Our spring-cleaning services cover every single area of your home, including those that you do not want to clean yourself. The bathroom is just one area that needs cleaning. The housekeeper removes any trash from the wastebasket, removes stains on the toilet bowl, cleans the sink, and cleans the bathtub. Even thicker and older stains that you could not remove on your own are a thing of the past once our cleaners take over.

Cleaning your walls is another job that our cleaners finish quickly. This intense cleaning and scrubbing removes the yellowish stains left behind by cigarette smokers. Even if you do not smoke, you might own a home where a smoker once lived. The cleaning also removes the grayish tinge caused by cooking or small kitchen fires. Our housekeepers are effective at removing stains and smells from furniture. Pet stains, food stains, and urine stains reach deep through the upholstery and into the padding. Cleaning the surface does little to remove stains or those deep scents. Our cleaners use special products that make your furniture look brand new again.

Here at 1st Class Cleaning, we offer more services than just spring-cleaning. If you recently moved to the area, contact us and we can do all the unpacking for you and even dispose of your packing materials and boxes. If you are in the process of moving to another city or state, then let us take care of your packing. We can pack anything and we use the right materials to ensure that nothing breaks during your move. Do you need help cleaning out your pantry, putting some organization into your closet, or finishing large loads of laundry? Those are just a few of our services.

Business owners need help with spring-cleaning just as much as homeowners do. Get rid of the winter blahs and bring a little sunshine into your office with our cleaning services. No matter the size of your building, our staff knows what to do. Our housekeepers clean every surface in your business and disinfect those surfaces. We only use green products, which reduce the amount of toxins and bacteria in your business. Contact us at 1st Class Cleaning today and set up your first appointment. It does not matter if you own a theater, restaurant, salon, office, church, or apartment building; our housekeepers are ready to help.


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