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Whether you arrive via the Queensboro Bridge or you’re stuck in the Steinway Tunnel on the IRT Flushing Line, New York’s Borough of Queens welcomes cultural diversity that is as varied as the number of cleaning service options 1st Class Cleaners in Queens offers its customers. From a variety of residential cleaning services to commercial offices or construction/renovation clean up, there is a cleaning service to meet your specific style and need.

“Green” is a universal language.

Queens created the slogan, “Peace through understanding” during the 1964 World’s Fair which brought the Unisphere to the area. Now located in Flushing Meadows Park, this large globe of inspiration represents to the world that the people of Queens understand that the earth requires care to keep it livable. However, clean is only clean when the cleaning products used are friendly for more than just the environment. Many cleaning supplies leave behind chemicals that create mild to severe reactions in those breathing, touching and eating off of the “cleaned” surfaces. This cleaning team is world class and uses only organic “green” cleaning supplies.

What does clean mean to you?

Regardless of the size of your cleaning project, the people at 1st Class Cleaning in Queens come to you to care for your space. It doesn’t matter if your apartment looks like a 5 Pointz graffiti artist designed a masterpiece on your walls or if you like to keep it pristine and preserved like the Gateway National Recreation Area. For you, clean may mean a one-time deep cleaning of a residential or commercial property. Or, it could mean maintaining an already clean space. 1st Class Cleaning in Queens understands every need for clean no matter how large or small. This team of professionals will come to you (whether you live or do business in Long Island City, Jamaica, Flushing, Far Rockaway or Floral Park) to provide you with a customized service that fits your needs.

We strive to be the most customer-focused and trusted maid service in Queens, New York. We come to you with our own equipment and supplies. We don’t just leave you with a fresh floral chemical smell to cover up, we really clean. We use Method® Organic green cleaning products that are non-toxic and provide a light natural scent of fresh clean. We customize a cleaning service that meets your needs and goes beyond maintaining a household or office. We clean up after a foreclosure and provide move-in/move-out services that even clean up after renters leave. And, we provide post construction cleaning. We can help clear the air or bag and remove debris. Choose one service or all. There are a lot of cleaning options to choose from.

Residential services

Residential services include: Express, Premium (you are assigned your own personal maid) or Plus (deep cleaning, party event assistance, packing/unpacking, organizing closets, laundry, cleaning skylights, walls and mirrors – and yes, we even do windows). We provide move-in/move-out cleaning, construction clean up, grout steam cleaning, bacteria sanitizing and seasonal spring/summer cleaning services.

Cleaning is more than emptying waste baskets. Real clean creates a feeling of well-being. However, even if your home was pristine and clean when you moved in, life is busy and maintaining this level of cleanliness is no easy task. Trusting this chore to a team of professionals is well worth the cost. 1st Class Cleaning in Queens, New York will not only clean your residential area but will leave it sparkling and free of harsh chemicals that make it difficult to breathe and are no good for the environment.

Dust is not only unsightly but creates potential health risks as well, especially for those suffering with respiratory ailments. Our residential services include dusting and polishing the furniture and woodwork using products that will leave a fresh natural scent and not leave residue build up. To ensure all dust is removed and furniture polished, this service requires removing and replacing items from tables and shelves as you left them. Of course, we also dust the knickknacks and picture frames. We also dust windowsills and ledges, clean and polish all of your glass, mirror and chrome surfaces along with walls and baseboards.

Our team comes in and takes care of the vacuuming. This alone is a service that makes a special gift for a new mother recovering from childbirth or a friend who returned from an illness or operation at the hospital and needs time to recoup. Your carpeted floors and rugs are not the only things left clean. We also vacuum under seat cushions and other upholstery and furniture.Your wood and tiled floors will not be forgotten. 1st Class Cleaning in Queens, New York will wash and dry your wood or tiled floors using products that leave behind a confident true clean. Leave your bed linens on the bed, and our team of experts will make the bed and change the linens, fold your loose clothing, vacuum under your bed and leave the room organized.

The kitchen is a room where you prepare food, but it is also a gathering place for friends and family. We make sure this social hub is kept clean right down to scrubbing and sanitizing the kitchen sink. Your dishes will be loaded, washed and unloaded from the dishwasher, your range tops and microwave oven will be left sparking clean. We clean appliances, tables, chairs, cabinet doors and counters. Don’t worry. Our cleaning products are organic. We leave you with a counter and cooking surface safe for preparing food. 1st Class Cleaning will clean your kitchen floors and empty your trash and recycling. If deep cleaning is needed in the kitchen, we will clean your oven, refrigerator and cabinets from the inside out. We will hand wash your dishes upon request and even polish the silver.

The bathroom is often thought to be one of the most unpleasant rooms to clean, but it is part of our cleaning services to you. We come in to clean and sanitize your toilets, scrub and sanitize showers, bath tubs, vanities, sinks and floors. We will leave your bath room mirrors and surfaces clean and smelling fresh. Before we leave, we will make sure you have fresh towels. If you need a deeper cleaning in the bathroom, we will clean your medicine and sink cabinet from the inside out. We are also ready to clean your tile and grout.

Commercial services

If your workers are too sick to come to work, your business will suffer. Often germs and illnesses are spread throughout offices because of the close contact and use of shared equipment, like phones and computer keyboards. Our general office cleaning includes dusting, disinfecting surfaces, computer monitors, keyboards, phones, cubicle partitions, restrooms, lounges, conference rooms and reception areas, vacuuming carpets and rugs and mopping hard floors, taking out the trash and recycling and are willing to arrange any special requests (including emergency services).

We work around your schedule to clean your office space well. We provide a team who has an excellent reputation at the Better Business Bureau and are bonded and insured. We follow LEED guidelines, use Green Seal approved cleaning products and HEPA filter vacuums. Our team comes to you to provide office cleaning and janitorial services for any industry: stores, showrooms, warehouses, factories, industrial kitchens, restaurants, sports facilities, theaters, spas, schools, churches and medical offices. Our rates are competitive without long-term contracts.

Construction clean up

A new building or renovation improvements are exciting but will not leave you with that new space freshness when construction dust is kicked up and not properly cleaned. Debris left from new construction is some of the most difficult Micro dust to clean. 1st Class Cleaning experts come in and provide you with dry steaming to clean even the tiniest cracks and crevices.

In the midst of a construction project, there are details you may not even think of. 1st Class Cleaners understands construction and has experience cleaning up. We remove all labels from new fixtures, including that sticky residue left behind. We bag empty boxes and pick up lumber scraps. We hand mop and wipe down floors, walls and wood work surfaces. We clean from the top of the door to the molding and all electrical outlet covers and light fixtures in between. We not only do the windows after construction, we stop the construction dust in its tracks by cleaning window frames, sills and vacuuming the window tracks and inside all heating and cooling ducts. We remove paint and plaster that may have been overlooked in all the commotion and excitement of construction.

Call for a free estimate

Take pride in your Queens home or office. Trust a team of professionals who not only care about keeping the environment green but about serving you, your office, your family and your pets with safe green cleaning, with your cleaning needs. Get started today by calling 1st Class Cleaning in Queens, New York for your free estimate.


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