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When you think of clean, what comes to mind? Does it make you take a deep breath and smile, feeling less stressed? Or do you envision an artificial floral or pine scent covering an underlying smoke, dust or mildew smell? If the idea of cleaning your living space exhausts you, it is time to step back and let a professional take over for the day, or schedule a housekeeper as part of your regular routine.

What is your cleaning need? Are you moving out and need the place spotless to retrieve a security deposit? Would you like to give a housecleaning service as a gift for a few weeks to someone who just had a baby or is recovering from surgery? Perhaps you are finding yourself too busy to fit in the daily chore of house or office cleaning done right. Regardless of how small or overwhelming your cleaning need is, when you hire a professional to clean your house or office, consider five factors: convenience, health, deep cleaning, done right, environmental safety.

Hiring a professional to clean your house is often thought of as a luxury. However, convenience is sometimes necessary to free you up to concentrate on other important tasks. If you have ever stayed in a hotel that provided maid service, you know that feeling of convenience. There is just something about a clean space that is prepared with you in mind, without having to cram it on your overloaded “to do” list.

Allergy or asthma sufferers know that traditional cleaning agents can irritate to make these conditions worse. Breathing problems or headaches often occur after being exposed to cleansers and disinfectants that are touted as an effective way to clean. There is a better way. Get your carpet, mattresses, and furniture free of allergens by cleaning with treatments that get to the root of the problem (dust mite feces). Be careful to ask your team of cleaners if they use natural, non-toxic products that won’t leave you feeling worse.

Are you expecting a baby? New parents want visitors to take care not to spread disease to their newborn. However, there may be other hidden culprits awaiting your return home from the hospital. Prepare your house with a welcome clean environment free of allergens and unnecessary irritating cleaning chemicals.

Opening up your house to someone you can trust allows you to relax while a professional cleans your house. What makes a housekeeper properly trained and professional? Clean begins when your housekeeper shows up in a fresh clean uniform ready to tackle your personal space, with your specific needs.

The word “green” is tossed about as if everyone understands its meaning. Green means more than environmentally friendly. When a service is Green Seal Certified, it is on you, your children, pets and the environment.

A green professional cleaning team can save you time while providing you with a healthy place to live or work. What are you waiting for? Visit 1st Class Cleaning NYC to schedule your cleaning appointment today.

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