Office Cleaning In Nyc

Your office or commercial business location deserves the best cleaning service available, because it is used by a number of employees that want to feel they are working in a sanitary environment. Whether you need professional cleaning one per week, every day, during the day or after hours, 1st Class Cleaning in NYC is just a phone call away.

Custom Work Detail And Flexible Schedules
1st Class Cleaning NYC will visit your place of business, take a look around, listen to your comments and offer the best cleaning solution. Because of the many different types of commercial structures, cleaning and sanitation services will vary significantly. How many employees use the facilities? Is there a large buildup of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard or plastic? Are you in need of simple vacuuming and sanitizing of desk surfaces, or do you require cleaning of the heating and air conditioning ducts?

Choosing the right company for the job means finding out if they specialize in a particular kind of office or commercial workplace. 1st Class Cleaning NYC has personnel trained to perform work in kitchens, churches, warehouses, medical facilities, schools and retail stores.

Be Specific About What Needs Attention
An office has innumerable areas that are touched by human hands and can therefore be a breeding ground for bacteria. Light switches, computer terminals and keyboards, telephones, printers, the counter tops in the office cafeteria or break room, and all doorknobs are areas that require special attention when there are a large number of workers. The type of floor surface varies from one office to another, from deep shag carpeting to polished tiles. 1st Class Cleaning has the skills, tools and the environmentally friendly products to tackle any job, and after making a quick tour of the facility will give a very accurate quote on the price as well as the time it will take to complete the job on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis.

Choose A Licensed, Bonded Service
Make sure the company you choose has verifiable information regarding their insurance and risk management program. 1st Class Cleaning provides this upon request and we not only perform a background check on our employees but we also have our field technicians bonded. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints about our service, including any investigations of theft or property damage.

Insist On Eco-Friendly Products

Many cleaning products are toxic and can be harmful to individuals. Offices are frequented by a large number of people, any of whom could be allergic to many of the commonly used powders, soaps or disinfectants on the market today. Make sure the company you choose works with organic, biodegradable soaps and other cleaners as this will eliminate health problems associated with harsh chemicals. Your company may also receive a business tax break if you contract with a green product cleaning company.

When you enter into an agreement with 1st Class Cleaning NYC, you are forming the beginning of a long-lasting relationship, one that will insure that your place of business is sanitized and safe. A clean office means happy employees and lessons the chance of sickness at the workplace. Contact us at today!

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