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My friend recently moved to the New York City Manhattan area. After several months of getting her bearings, settling into her new job and learning the subway system, she finally decided she needed to hire a maid or find a maid service in the Manhattan area. She went online and couldn’t believe all of her choices. It was overwhelming! How was she to determine which service was best when all claimed to be the best.

She decided to start with a maid that was located close to her home. After several months and hundreds of complaints she finally gave up and chose another service. This service was a bit more reliable, but the price was too high. She chose a third service and after the second week she found a few personal items missing and when she complained she found out that the company did not do a background check when they hired their employees. It is then that we had lunch one day and as she was complaining about this dilemma, I stopped her in mid-sentence and told her about 1st Class Cleaning.

1st Class Cleaning, is a reliable and affordable solution for anyone looking for maid service or a cleaning service in the New York City area. They are the number one company that provides all types of cleaning services and are dedicated to leaving every home squeaky clean, every time! Whether you live in a Manhattan luxury apartment or a suburban town house, 1st Class Cleaning can fulfill your needs and meet your budget expectations.

Going green is easy at 1st Class Cleaning. For our customers and clients who are looking for alternative and natural ways to keep their homes clean, we have been using Method Organic Cleaning Products. These products are beneficial for the environment and your family’s health. You will be able to notice the difference immediately after one of our background certified maids has been to your home. The products are all made with naturally-derived surfactants. They work by absorbing the dirt rather than chemically degrading it. These cleaners are also biodegradable so that when your home is cleaned you are not flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain and end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. From surface cleaning to the bathroom to leather to windows, we have every natural cleaner available and they work fantastic!

Hiring a maid in the New York City area is not just for the six-figured income family, it can be affordable for anyone who believes that their time is better spent doing the things that they enjoy versus spending hours cleaning the house. If you just need someone to come in once a month or once a week, 1st Class Cleaning will be able to provide you with the 1st Class service that you deserve. Our unconditional satisfaction guarantee is our promise to you! If you don’t like how it’s cleaned. We’ll clean it again for free! Go to www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com today and schedule an appointment!

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