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Are you looking for a cleaning service in New York?  What are your basic needs?  Do you have a business that needs cleaning or is it your home?  With all the cleaning companies in New York, the possibilities for services are endless.  The important thing when hiring a cleaning service is to find one that will focus on your needs and best fit into your routine.

Commercial or Residential?

Commercial cleaning services offer businesses the option of meeting their individual cleaning needs without the hassle.  Most services will customize a cleaning solution that best fits your business.  For example, maybe you only want someone to come and clean the bathrooms once a week, or maybe you need someone to come every day to empty the trash, wipe everything down and just clean up.  Find a service that can accommodate your needs, especially when it comes to your schedule.  When do you want them to come?  Are they available before, during or after business hours?  A good cleaning service can customize their business to meet all these needs and more.

Residential cleaning services will do just about any type of cleaning inside your home.  Whether you just need an occasional window cleaning, an annual deep cleaning or regular home maintenance, a good home cleaning service can easily accommodate your needs.  Many offer specific individualized services like appliance cleaning (for example, cleaning your refrigerator inside and out), bacterial sanitization (for after someone in your home has been sick), or even grout cleaning and more.  All you have to do is ask and most cleaning services should be able to accommodate you.

Protect Yourself

Now that you’ve differentiated the type of cleaning service you need, start researching to protect yourself from potential costs or liabilities.  Review the company’s policies regarding whether you have to be present for cleaning.  If not, who handles your keys and alarm codes, and how many people have access to that information?  How can you be assured they can be trusted?  Something else to consider are their policies on damages.  What happens if something in your home or business is damaged while they are cleaning?  Are they insured and bonded?  Some small companies aren’t, and you may want to use caution with them.  Using an insured company protects you and them.  What happens if one of their workers gets hurt inside your home or business?  Are you liable?  All these things should be considered carefully when choosing a stranger to come into your home or business.

Protect Your Assets

So, how much is the company you’re focusing on charging for their services?  Are they in line with other companies in your area?  Be sure to read customer testimonials.  Are there any complaints?  If so, how were they resolved?  Other people who’ve had firsthand experience with the company you’re looking to hire are the best way to see if you can get the most bang for your buck.

Protect Your Peers

Something else to consider in today’s cleaning world is what type of chemicals they are using to clean your home or business.  Companies like 1st Class Cleaning use only natural products, which protects anyone who has asthma or respiratory problems, pets and the environment. Their products are proven to be totally biodegradable and safe.

Finally, find someone who stands behind the work they do.  1st Class Cleaning offers an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee, and if you’re in anyway unhappy with the cleaning of your home or office, they will come back to do the job right for free.

To schedule a cleaning of your home or office, please contact 1st Class Cleaning today!

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