Move In and Move Out Services in Brooklyn

No one wants to move into a dirty space. This is why is important to invest in the best professional cleaning services when moving in or out of a home or apartment. Trusting in the experts at 1st Class Cleaning gives you the services of a team that understands how to clean every square inch of a space. This means getting back your deposit, get your home in working order, and saving a lot of time and energy. You have other things to worry about when moving into or out of a home, so why add extra stress to your process when you can have someone else do it for you.

Save Time
One of the biggest benefits to investing in professional cleaning services is that it saves you time. When moving out of a home, you should be focused on packing and transitioning to your new space. It helps to have help cleaning the property because this is often one of the last and most stressful parts of moving into or out of a home. Professionals that have the right tools and equipment to get every single section of the home, apartment, or commercial space clean will help you make the move easier.

Suitable for a Variety of Homes
Professional maid and cleaning services are not just for luxury apartments in Manhattan. Instead, such an investment is suitable for homes of all types. Spaces in the suburbs, offices, apartments, and even studios can benefit from a deep cleaning. This is a chance to attack the mold and bacteria that can hide on ledges, under furniture, in your cabinets, and on the ceilings. Cleaning services are becoming more affordable and tailored to your needs.


The average homeowner can try and clean his or her own property, but it will be nowhere near as thorough as a professional service like 1st Class Cleaning. Our experts understand how to efficiently get rid of stains, streaks, and all types of dirt and debris. With one call, we will come into a home and get to work cleaning shelves, mirrors, and in hard to reach spots. If you want a reliable way to get a home back into working order, then our team and services are an efficient and reliable option to bring your home to it’s former glory.

Safe Cleaning Products
Another benefit to working with us is our commitment to cleaning with organic solutions. These items will get a surface clean without putting your home or family at risk. Using safe cleaning products protects you from harm, especially sensitive family members like young children and pets.


If a homeowner does not like the job that was done, we will stand by our commitment to excellence and offer to redress the issue at no additional cost. This means that you can trust that you are working with a team that is honest and understands what customer satisfaction really means.

Using a cleaning service is an efficient way to get a home or property clean. This saves time and ensures that a more thorough job is done. The warranties and safe cleaning products provided by 1st Class Cleaning means that your home will be taken care of. Call or click today to receive a personalized estimate and have the best in the business taking care of the cleaning in your space!


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