Manhattan House Cleaning

The finest residences in New York City can be found on the island of Manhattan, and the busy and influential men and women who dwell in these homes often do not have the time or inclination to maintain them; usually these homes need to be cleaned and maintained by professional house cleaners. The services of Manhattan house cleaners are not only meant for the powerful and wealthy of the island, however. Everyone’s lives are becoming increasingly hectic, and most can use the peace of mind that accompanies leaving the (literally) dirty work to dedicated professionals.

There are a huge amount of Manhattan house cleaning services to chose from, and many times those house cleaners provide an array of different services that can be customized to fit the needs of their clientele, ranging from one time cleaning projects to regular, routine maid service and home maintenance. Most house cleaners do not limit themselves to servicing standalone dwellings and will also clean offices and corporate apartments as venues before and after special events.

Manhattan House Cleaning Services

What services do you need from the house cleaners? There are a multitude of reasons to hire professionals to meet your house cleaning needs, and a multitude of different types of services to meet those needs. If you have a clear focus as to the level of your expectations, the odds increase that you will find your perfect house cleaning match. A partial list of frequently offered services may include:

  • Maid service on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis.
  • One time deep cleans such as spring cleaning, cleaning before or after a party, or cleaning before and after you move from one home to the next.
  • Clutter clean up and organizational assistance, including help for hoarders.
  • Pack and unpacking assistance.
  • Green cleaning, using only non-toxic, earth friendly organic supplies and energy efficient equipment.
  • Post construction cleaning services.

Many Manhattan housing cleaning services go beyond the standard dusting and disinfecting routine to offer a multitude of other services, such as steam cleaning, in which kitchens, bathrooms, and hard surfaces are cleaned without chemicals, using only steam. Often, you will find house cleaners are willing to professionally clean your carpet and rugs or wash and fold your laundry! Some even offer handyman services. Really, almost anything you need done around your home can probably be handled in some capacity by a house cleaning service; figure out what your ideal is and most likely you will be able to find a house cleaner who will make that ideal a reality for you!

A Final Word on Windows

A lot of homes in Manhattan are in multiunit buildings with numerous floors. This makes cleaning the outsides of the windows difficult and sometimes dangerous or impossible. If you live in such a place, make sure that the service you hire is equipped to handle high windows and is experienced with using the special safety belts and ladders necessary for this type of job.

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