Manhattan Cleaning Service

Manhattan has a huge range of cleaning services available.  So how do you decide who to hire?  Try answering a few questions to narrow your field.

How often do you need them to come?

  • Seasonal cleanings, like Spring cleaning, occasional window washings, etc.
  • Just once
  • Move in or move out cleanings
  • On call services
  • Regular cleanings, like weekly, bi-monthly, etc.

What are your unique needs?

  • Do you have any chemical allergies?
  • Do you have pets or people in your home with respiratory issues?
  • Do you have a particular day or time you want the service to come?

Pros over Joes

Hiring a professional cleaning service is often beneficial over going with someone who works alone and runs their business out of their home.  Hiring a professional service protects you if their workers happen to get hurt in your home.  It also protects you if something gets broken or stolen.  Additionally it removes the element of having to pay someone “under the table” and worrying about tax evasion, or being sued for unemployment if you let the person go.  A professional cleaning service will hire, train and insure their employees, taking the guess work out of that process for you.  They will also provide their own cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to worry about making sure you have enough wood polish to get the job done.  Another nice thing about a professional cleaning service is that they have enough staff to be able to accommodate your cleaning schedule even if your house cleaner is sick or goes on vacation.

What to ask

When interviewing a Manhattan cleaning service, consider asking these questions before hiring them.

  • How often can they come and clean?
  • Are their employees insured?
  • What happens if something is lost or broken in your home?
  • How do they screen their employees, and what does the hiring process involve?
  • How many people have access to your house key or security code?
  • What happens if you’re dissatisfied with the way your home was cleaned?
  • What type of cleaners do they use?  Are they toxic or environmentally safe?

One Manhattan cleaning service that stands above the rest is 1st Class Cleaning.  They are available for all kinds of cleanings, including regular cleanings, office cleanings, home cleanings , deep cleanings and sanitation, party clean ups, move in or move out cleanings, Spring cleanings and more.  All of 1st Class Cleaning’s employees are licensed and insured to protect both you and them.  Additionally, they use only environmentally friendly products made by a company called Method.  Method’s products are totally biodegradable and work by absorbing dirt, rather than breaking it down chemically.  1st Class Cleaning is also ready to clean your home or business on your schedule, not theirs.  So just let them know when you need them and they’ll be there!  They also offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy with the way your home is cleaned, they’ll come back and do it again for free!  To learn more about 1st Class Cleaning and schedule an appointment with them today, visit

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