Maid Services in New York

If you stop to think about just how much time and effort goes into cleaning your home or apartment, you may very well be stupefied. From taking out the garbage to dusting, properly cleaning a home takes hours of our valuable time each week. Whether you are a busy professional who finds themselves away from home much of the week or even a stay at home mom overwhelmed by some of the bigger cleaning tasks you face, maid services in New York maybe the answer you are looking for.

Maid services, once the purview of the rich and famous, are now accessible to almost anyone. Affordable services, flexible scheduling and entire companies of maids have made it possible to hire a maid service for almost any cleaning task. In some instances, it may be necessary to have a service in several times a week to handle all of the cleaning in a home while others may simply wish for a bi-weekly service to help them with larger tasks such as window cleaning. Luckily, maid services in New York can meet all of these needs.

Many are worried about the risk of hiring an individual to handle their cleaning and are turning to maid services for added security. The most professional and qualified maid services have a rigorous screening and vetting process. Potential maids are carefully reviewed and in many cases bonded. This means there is little risk when dealing with a professional maid service. Quality cleaning, handled by trained and trusted professionals mean it is possible to grant your maid service to your home, even when you are not there.

When selecting a service to handle your cleaning needs, be sure to carefully discuss your expectations with each potential service. Some area’s you may wish to consider include:

  1. Frequency of service
  2. Areas to be cleaned – will you require a simple ‘tidy’ cleaning or a more in-depth deep cleaning.
  3. Chemicals – if you wish your home to be cleaned with natural products, it is important to discuss up front.
  4. Extra services – carpet shampooing, window cleaning and ceiling fan maintenance are not typically included in a quote for maid services in New York. It is a good idea to inquire about these services and their costs prior to hiring a company.

For those that need daily service, you may wish to interview potential maids yourself, using the cleaning service to pre-screen them for you. A daily maid will, naturally, become a fixture of your household and personality will count almost as much a work ethic.

Today, our lives are overrun with things to do, place to go and projects to complete. Busy professionals often find themselves in need of a longer day to finish everything on their plate. Turning to maid services in New York to handle cleaning is one of the best ways to reclaim part of your personal time for yourself. If you have found yourself overwhelmed, consider working with a maid service to free up some of your valuable time.

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