How to Make Housework More Enjoyable: It’s All About Attitude

How to Make Housework More Enjoyable: It’s All About Attitude

What’s your attitude toward housework? Do you wait until things become so unbearable that they simply must be cleaned? Do you think it’s tedious, thankless, boring? Have you heard other friends admit to or apologize for secretly enjoying housework, as if it were some kind of personality disorder? 

What’s their secret!?!

It’s simple, really – they approach it with the right attitude. And while it’s true of almost any task you must do, if you can learn to enjoy the work, the faster and better you’ll do it. So with a little wit and ingenuity, here’s how you can turn cleaning from something that makes you shudder into something that makes you smile.

1.    Treat It as Exercise

Did you know that cleaning is actually great exercise? Sweeping carpets or floors for 15 minutes will burn about 40 calories. Vigorous house cleaning for 60 minutes will burn approximately 204 calories. If you turn on some good, upbeat music and dance along while you clean, you can burn even more! So you didn’t hit the gym on Friday. Who cares? You’re going to do some serious cleaning Saturday morning!

2.    Find New Ways to Do the Same Things

Challenge your ingenuity. If you think about cleaning the house in a way that will save time, save money, or save energy, you’ll be surprised by how many different ways you can find to clean something. This will also lessen the monotony of your daily or weekly chores.

3.    Look at the Whole

According to psychologists, one of the leading causes of job dissatisfaction today is that we’re only involved with tasks. We don’t see how the small things we do everyday affect the bigger picture, which means we don’t feel as proud or accomplished as we should. So whether you clean one room or the entire house, recognize the fact that you’ve accomplished something tangible. Look at your results and think, “I did that!”

4.    Take Pride in a Job Well Done

You don’t need anyone else to validate the good work you do. Recognize yourself for a change. Once you’re finished cleaning, reward yourself. Eat that piece of cake (see #1) or buy that outfit or just plop down on the couch with a glass of wine and enjoy your clean home. It’s important to take pride in your home and in yourself – take satisfaction in small victories.

5.    Think About Something Else

Do you ever wonder why people have their best ideas in the car or the shower? It’s because the body is occupied while the mind is free. Cleaning is a great time to think through problems, plan a vacation, to dream, to wonder, to create. Don’t waste that time!

6.    Enlist Help

Ever heard the adage about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes? If you want someone to appreciate the work you do, get them to help out once in a while. Coming home to a clean house or apartment is wonderful, but sometimes people really just don’t take the time to notice. By getting them to take part, they’ll not only appreciate the hard work that you put in, they’ll also be less likely to mess it up since they’ll also be taking pride in their work.

If you have kids, turn cleaning into a game. For every item they clean, they get a paper clip (or something similar). A certain number of paper clips mean they get to choose what’s for dinner, or that they get to pick a toy or special treat the next time you’re out shopping. If it’s just you and your spouse or you and your roommate, turn it into a competition. Whoever’s done last cooks dinner!

Call in Professional Cleaners

If cleaning just simply isn’t for you no matter how you approach it, maybe the most enjoyable thing you can do is pass the work off to someone else. If you’re in the New York area, contact 1st Class Cleaning and ask us about our services and pricing. This way you’ll have time for the more enjoyable things in life.

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