Cleaning Services Bronx

1st Class Cleaning Services provides services for our clients at rates that are both reasonable and affordable. We are a bonded and licensed company. Furthermore, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Services Offered

Green Cleaning is provided to every client. We use Method cleaning products. Method is a non-toxic cleaning agent with a lovely, subtle scent. Environmentally friendly service is important to 1st Class Cleaning Service.

We design a specific plan of services for your specific needs.

Residential Services offer a choice of three levels of service.

Express Service usually costs $99.00 for a studio or $30 per hour. One bedroom apartment service charges $129.00 or $30 per hour. For larger homes, the prices will be assessed by size. Express Service meets your cleaning needs that you request.

Premium Service allows you to design your cleaning plan based on what you feel would be most appropriate for your needs. With this service, a specific housekeeper is designated for you and will provide the individual needs you request. The price for this service is $30 per hour.

Plus Service offers a wide range of options. You can choose Deep Cleaning of your home. Other plus services include Packing and Unpacking, Closet Organization, Event preparations or cleaning after the event or party. We will even do windows or laundry with Plus Service. Please call or email us for a free estimate.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services are priced competitively. We specialize in office cleaning, dusting, and janitorial services, financial institutions, medical facilities, schools and churches, sports facilities and spas, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants and theaters. Additional Commercial Services include packing/unpacking, window cleaning, construction clean-up and anything that your commercial space needs. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and design a plan to meet those needs.

Post-Construction Services

Construction Clean-up Services removes every post-construction debris, micro-dust removal, label removal and any other surface cleansing that is needed to make your spaces as clean as if the construction had never been done. Determining your specific need is done when we meet with you to provide a free estimate and a cleaning plan designed just for you.

Allergy Services

Our Allergy Relief Cleaning services will remove all allergens from your home environment; this provides a significant amount of comfort as opposed to suffering from allergens aggravating your sensitivity to these agitators.

Dust mites and pet dander can exacerbate someone with allergies, and we have the ability to remove all dust mite remains and pet dander from your home environment. if you or someone in your home has allergies, we have a special service for clients with similar needs as yours.

Part of the Allergy Relief Cleaning service, we will use a non-toxic treatment to offset the waste from dust mites. This Allergy Relief Treatment is applied to all carpets, furniture, and beds.

If you suffer from extreme allergies, we suggest that a HEPA air scrubbing machine for your home. A HEPA vacuum is another of many different tools we can use to relieve your suffering by removing as many irritants as possible.

For top of the line green cleaning be sure to contact 1st Class Cleaning at today!

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