Cleaning Services Albany, NY

There are many things to consider when choosing the best cleaning service provider among the many options in Albany, NY.  What type of services do they provide, what are their policies, how do they fit into your budget, what type of products are they using, do they stand behind their work?  All these things need to be carefully considered before hiring someone.

Types of Services

There are two main types of cleaning services: Commercial and residential.

  • Commercial cleaning involves a business.  Most commercial services offer you a customizable plan, including occasional essential cleanings like bathrooms, or regular top to bottom cleanings.  Be sure to find someone who offers flexible scheduling and can clean before, during or after business hours as they are needed.
  • Residential cleaning offers a huge range of services inside the home.  They will tailor what they do to your needs.  Everything from an annual cleaning, or occasional things like windows, to weekly maintenance like dusting, vacuuming and mopping to keep your home sparkling.  Many home cleaning companies offer special services as well, like cleaning refrigerators inside and out, laundry, and sanitization after someone in your family has been sick.


What are their policies?

It’s important to keep in mind your company’s basic policies.  How do they handle certain situations?  What happens if your property is damaged while they’re in your home?  Are you liable if one of their employees is hurt while in your home?  Finding a company that insures their workers is a way to solve these worrisome issues.  As far as your personal security goes, do you need to be home for them to clean?  If not, who knows the whereabouts of your key?  What is their background, and how can you be sure they are trustworthy?  The company you select should have well laid out policies regarding these concerns, and a thorough screening process for their employees.  You can always check testimonials and customer reviews for a firsthand look at how their company is performing.  Be sure to read recent reviews to get the most accurate picture of current company policies and employees.

How do They Fit Into Your Budget?

Where does the company you’re considering lie when compared to other companies?  Are they far above or below?  Why?  If they’re above it may be because they’re offering premium products or services in an upscale market.  If they’re below, it could be a result of luring customers with low prices, then cutting costs with subpar services.  Both scenarios should probably be avoided to maximize how far your hard earned dollar goes.

What Types of Products are They Using?

Is someone in your home asthmatic?  Do you have any pets?  Then the company you select should use only organic cleaning products.  Services like 1st Class Cleaning only use natural solvents made by a company called Method.  Their products are totally biodegradable and leave your home smelling fresh and not to chemically.  Method products soak up dirt, rather than chemically dispelling it.

Do They Stand Behind Their Work?

It’s important to find a company that is proud of the job they do, and will stand behind it.  Companies like 1st Class Cleaning offer an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.  It states that if you’re not completely satisfied with the state of your home after services are rendered, they will come back and re-clean your home for free.

Once you’ve considered all your options, contact a professional home cleaning service like 1st Class Cleaning to schedule your first cleaning today!

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