NYC Cleaning Companies

It might seem like NYC cleaning companies are all the same, but rest assured they are not. Some do not have references nor are they licensed, bonded and insured. Some do not drug-screen or background-check or even check the legal status of their employees, so a little due diligence on your part will be necessary. If you’re interested in such diverse services as big item haul-away, help with cleaning after a party, organizing your closets, or getting your laundry caught up, you can call cleaning companies in NYC to help you with that. If you’re a business, you can look up a company to help you clean your bathrooms, common areas, clean the trashcans and straighten up offices and closets, as well as large item hauling and straightening your library.

Make sure a cleaning company can work around your days and hours. Will they be available before a huge client comes in for lunch and you need a thorough clean? Will they be able to come over to your house on short notice to pick up before a realtor comes? Whether it’s a one-time job or a long-term contract situation, a cleaning company should be able to accommodate your specific needs. For instance, if you need a full-time janitorial service for your large business, make sure there is adequate supervision of the staff at all times. This is to ensure quality of work, and that no one is working unsafely. Make sure the staff recommended is of sufficient size for the job and ask if other staff are available if the number recommended is insufficient. Are they all company-trained to a certain level of professional standards?

Are you interested in Green Cleaning? Many NYC cleaning companies now offer “Green” services, where the cleaning equipment and supplies used are environmentally sound and non-toxic. They’ll come to your house or office and clean from the bottom up, using reusable cloths and old-fashioned mops, with cleaning products that are largely baking soda, water and lemon, and can get everything as clean as if it were doused in the harmful stuff. These services can be particularly helpful when dealing with a space which houses either an asthmatic or allergy sufferer. Many conventional cleaning products use chemicals that can aggravate already-compromised lung function, and the use of a green cleaning company (or one that can change to that for your job) might be just the thing for increasing quality of life in one’s home or office.

Is your potential cleaning company of such a professional caliber that they’re insured against loss or breakage or even theft? Make sure your potential cleaners have protection for you against one of their workers injuring themselves, and there’s adequate coverage for anything going wrong in your house or office. Do they have adequate references for you to contact and get a first-hand account of the quality of their services? Also, make sure they have a satisfaction guarantee, to ensure you’re happy with the job once they’ve finished. Is it money-back or redoing the work until you’re satisfied?

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