Back To School And Household Cleaning Tips

School is back in session and with it comes the extra cleaning. Tired and restless kids come crashing home with muddy shoes, messy faces, and an explosion of homework. Although kids and teens are now busy with studying and reading, it is still important to maintain a clean household so that everyone can be at their most productive levels. Getting the kids to pitch in and do their share of upkeep at home can ensure a workable living area for all members of the family to enjoy. Here are a few simple tips on how to get the kids involved in cleaning up.

Start Good Habits

Especially important with younger children, starting good habits is the building blocks to a foundation of order and living tidy. Things such as putting shoes and the day’s clothes away when they get home, cleaning their dish after they eat dinner, and organizing books and assignments on a daily basis can instill in them an orderly demeanor they can carry on throughout their lives.

Implement Chores

A popular way of getting kids to help out around the house is by applying chores to their daily tasks. Everything from taking out the trash to washing the dishes can be made a chore. Many parents mandate them as part of their children’s obligations while others make chores a job with monetary values. Either way, kids can get a grasp of responsibility and cleanliness at home.

Make it Fun

While cleaning can be a drag for everyone, making it fun can turn the experience into a time well spent. For younger kids, house duties can be made fun with things like music and sing alongs, while the older kids can enjoy a competitive game of sock rolling and room cleaning the quickest. By adding some creativity to an otherwise boring task, cleaning a home can get done in no time.


It is common for kids and children to have hesitations about wanting to pitch in to help clean the home. While most can be told once and the job is done, other kids require reprimanding. Consequences can be added for not cooperating when asked to help out. No dessert, no TV time, and even an earlier bedtime can be used to punish kids when they refuse to clean. By showing them the severity of not helping the family clean, children will be able to learn how to work together as a team to get a job done.


Unlike consequences, many kids enjoy receiving rewards for doing a good job at cleaning up around the house. Parents can reward kids with some extra time playing, watching TV, or even staying up a little past curfew. Once children are able to see the positive outcomes of contributing and cleaning, they will be more eager to help.

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