New York Commercial Office Cleaning Service

First impressions are everything, and when customers walk into your business they are judging your company from the first step. If the carpets are stained or there is a thick layer of dust on the furniture, that does not reflect well. The immediate impression is that your company is disorganized, and that’s not the impression you want to make. 1st Class Cleaning can keep your office spotless and shining so that customers will base their first impressions on you and your products or services, not the dust on the shelves.

In addition to cleaning the public areas of the company, you also need the private areas to be pristine. Trying to work in a dirty, dusty environment is not only bad for your allergies, but it’s also distracting. 1st Class Cleaning will make the entire office shine and sparkle so you can both impress your clients and provide your staff with a pleasant and healthy workplace. Here are some of the services you can look for when considering a commercial office cleaning company.

Nightly cleaning – This service is ideal for being sure wastebaskets are emptied and common surfaces are dusted. Carpets are vacuumed, floors are polished and bathrooms are scrubbed and cleaned. Quality companies will also dust the tops of door jams and doors as well as taking the time to wipe down door handles.

Garbage cans – They may be trash receptacles, but you still don’t want them to be filthy. A solid company will not only empty the cans, they’ll also wipe them out so they are clean and ready for another day.

Fabric walls and panels – These are great for the acoustics, but they are easily stained and difficult to clean. Choose a service that can clean these and make them look like new again.

Fabric and leather chairs – The seating also needs attention from vacuuming to cleaning and polishing. Keep your expensive office furniture looking inviting and ready for customers by having it cleaned regularly.

Acoustical ceilings – Dust gathers in the nooks and crannies of acoustical ceilings. Keep them looking new and clean with a service that will vacuum the tiles.

Light fixtures – Easily forgotten but quickly noticed, dust and bugs build up in light fixtures and need to be cleaned out.

Workstation cleaning – Workstations can be cleaned regularly to help eliminate dust and mold. Cleaner workstations mean healthier employees, fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Vertical and horizontal blinds – An important part of any business, cleaning them is a chore. Hire a service that will take care of that for you.

1st Class Cleaning will keep your offices looking clean, fresh and ready for business. Don’t let your valued customers be turned off by a dirty restroom and make sure that the first impression when coming in through the front door is a positive one. When choosing a cleaning service, consider one that will also take care of your acoustical ceilings, fabric walls and dividers and other work surfaces. A clean office will not only impress your customers, it will also help you keep your employees healthier throughout the year. For a clean commercial office space contact today!

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