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When it comes to having your home or business looking spotless, keeping your rug clean is essential.  Rugs are normally used to define a room or space.  This could be the reason why a rug gets so much attention.  Rugs ground a room so that people know what the purpose of the room is.  When you enter your home or office, the first thing that you will notice is the floor and what is on it.  Your eyes are trained to look at wherever your feet are going.  When you look at the floor, you will definitely get a good look at the rug.  This is part of why it is important to keep your rugs looking clean.

Remove the Clutter

Rug cleaning has different levels.  The first part of cleaning a rug is removing any clutter that may be on it.  Items need to be moved before a rug can be cleaned properly.  This may include any paper, trash and knick knacks.  You will also need to remove any furniture that is sitting on top of the rug.  It could be a bed, a dining room table, or a couch.  It is not enough to just clean the part of the rug that is showing.

Steam Clean

Cleaning a rug is much different than cleaning tile or hardwood.  Rugs are made of small pieces of natural or synthetic material that has the tendency to collect dust and debris.  If you see a discolored spot on your rug, you know for sure that the rug is dirty.  But you can’t assume that because there is no visibly dirty section that your rug is clean.  The top portion of the rug may not always indicate that the rug needs cleaning.  This is because many of the dust particles and dirt settles at the base of the rug.  This is where the dirt is trapped and this can cause you to think that your rug is clean.

To remove any dirt or stains from beverage spills, you should steam clean your rug.  Steaming cleaning is very sanitary.  The steam cleaning process loosens up the dirt from stains and spills with steam produced from heated water.  While the rug is being infused with the steam, the suction mechanism lifts the dirt away from the rug and into a compartment.  It also removes any particles that are not a part of the rug fabric.

Kinds of Rugs

There are many different kinds of rugs in a home or office setting.  Some rugs are used at the front door.  This rug helps to keep the dirt from shoes on the outside of your home or office.  The door mat is typically the filthiest kind of rug because of its location and purpose.  The bath room rugs are also prone to becoming dirty.  These rugs are designed to absorb a lot of moisture.  Because of that, these rugs can become moldy and smell terrible in no time.  These rugs should be cleaned on a regular basis to promote sanitation and prevent your home from having an odor.

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